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Thursday 16 May, 10am – 4pm 

Join us at our Merchiston Campus to explore the power and influence of AI on our world today, and how we at the School of Computing, Engineering & the Built Environment at Edinburgh Napier are working to shape its future.

Our Exhibition is open to the public, so you can come along and explore the world of AI. 

  • A team of over 50 of our students have built their own single-seater race car from scratch as part of the Formula Student Team at Edinburgh Napier. This year, find out how they are preparing to navigate their driverless vehicle around the Silverstone track. 
  • There are many questions posed in the journey towards human-like robots, for example, can a robot read human facial expressions? Meet Euclid, our robot face, who's being trained to do just that.
  • Have a go at controlling our robot dogs. These four-legged remotely operated robots can move on difficult terrain and have potential applications in ecological monitoring, search and rescue or exploration in challenging terrains. Have them follow a person, sit up and beg or even dance!    
  • MIMAS (MIniature MArs Scouter) is a fully functional Mars rover replica model inspired by NASA/JPL's Curiosity and Perseverance Rovers. Combining engineering and programming skills, this model is easily accessible to those interested in robotics and space exploration. 
  • Explore virtual reality with Meta Quest/Oculus. Immerse yourself in a virtual forest, a waterfall, the Aurora Borealis, van Gogh paintings, and the vertigo inducing work of a tree surgeon.    
  • Investigate some of the cybersecurity risks that we face in our modern world of AI. See how a range of devices, such as robot vacuum cleaners, kettles and toys can hear us, and understand how that can affect our security.  

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