Business Information Systems students

BSc Business Information Systems students look back on their time in the School of Computing and talk about what they're doing now.

BIS is different from other courses. It’s a hybrid course, it covers Business and IT. It gives you a full view of the Business world and the IT world, which makes it a fantastic course.

Cyberpsychology was different from the other classes I studied. It looked at the evolution of humans and their capabilities and limitations when interacting with technology. Incredibly interesting.

I am now following a 2 year IT Graduate Development Programme at Babcock International, a FTSE 100 company. I’m incredibly optimistic about the future.

The most important thing I’ve gained from studying on BIS has to be the work experience. I did a year-long placement with the University of Edinburgh.

Great support and guidance from my honours project tutor and other university lecturers helped me focus on the task at hand and get through the challenging period.