Case studies 2


Greg Dickson: BEng Web Technologies

Overall it has been a good experience. It gives me the motivation to apply myself at University. My course has also been helpful in giving me the skills to work on my own projects; ultimately it was this initiative which got me the job.

Work Based Learning/ Placements

Agnieszka Stachowiak: BSc Information Technology

I started applying for placements early in the Academic year. The Placement team were a great help; they checked my CV, cover letter and provided a mock interview so I came across as well prepared in my actual interview. Now when a potential employer asks for an example of when I have tackled a problem, I can give them a response that shows I've had real experience.

Martin McCann: BEng Computing

The reason I came to Edinburgh Napier was for the work-based learning opportunity which has been very beneficial. It has given me the opportunity for personal and professional development as well as leading directly to a part time job at Edinburgh Napier. It was the skills gained from my placement and subsequent reference which made this possible

Derek Hendry: BSc (Hons) Web Design and Development

Before returning to full-time education I enjoyed a few different career paths, including working as an electrical engineer for 10 years. In my spare time I began building simple websites as a hobby and realised I would need to get recognised qualifications if I were to pursue it as a career. My three years at college were interesting and a great starting point for me in my goal of studying at degree level. The transition from college to university (year 3) is quite a significant one; at first it can seem quite daunting and a bit of a whirlwind.


Annie (Xiaofei) Dong: BSc (Hons) Business Information Systems

I am really proud to admit the experience learning at Napier was awesome! It was really challenging to adapt a totally different education system. However, with the help of all the lecturers, I was able to understand most of the knowledge taught in class, how to write essays, group work, time management, etc.

By participating the Hamburg exchange program, I became more confident and active in joining all the discussions and good at presentation as well.

I really want to illustrate all my thanks to all staff at Napier. Because of their efforts, I become more confident and competitive in my future study and career.


Elizabeth Omo-Dare: MSc Multimedia and Interactive Systems

I'm from Nigeria and wanted to pursue a career using my previous multimedia knowledge. I found Napier offered the course which suited my expectations, and that influenced my decision to come here.

The course is full-time taught and I am able to work off campus. It has its challenges, but with good planning my study/personal hours work out quite well. Apart from adjusting to a different environment, and working fewer hours in the week, I feel nothing major has been changed in my lifestyle.

Qingtao Liu: MSc Advanced Software Engineering

I started my study in Advanced Software Engineering as a postgraduate student in 2006. The course was very challenging and difficult for me at that time. I was very happy with the ways that the lecturers taught. There were lots of practical sessions, in which we were able to practice what we had learnt. I found the Master project was the most challenging and interesting module. You had to do lots of research and learn new technologies, skills in order to complete the project. The experience I had gained from this module definitely would provide help in my future life.


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