COST Action FP1105

Understanding wood cell wall structure, biopolymer interaction and composition: implications for current products and new materials.


COST Action FP1105 organise an ongoing programme of workshops and meetings.

For more information on any of the events, including the next scheduled one, please contact Professor Philip Turner.

About the project

The COST Action FP1105 has three main objectives:

  • Follow a systems biology approach to build our understanding of fundamental physical (self assembly) and biological processes that drive natural structures and biopolymer composition within the plant cell wall.
  • Use new knowledge to improve our understanding of the mechanical properties of the cell wall and how processes such as pulping, bleaching recycling, cell wall disintegration methods and ongoing tree improvement and biotechnology programmes impact both positively and negatively on structure and composition of the cell wall to support ongoing improvement in these areas of activity.
  • Use our understanding of self assembly processes to support the development of new biopolymer based materials.

Organisational chart

Chair of the Action

Prof. Philip Turner (UK)

Vice Chair of the Action

Prof. Arnis Treimanis (LV)

DC Raporteur

Dr Bruno Andersons (LV)

Science Officer of the Action

Ms Melae Langbein

Administrative Officer of the Action

Ms Cassia Azevedo

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How to join the COST Action FP1105

Anyone within a COST member state interested in joining the action can do so easily. Parties from non-COST member states may also participate.

Find out if your country is a COST member state that has signed the MoU.

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