Work packages

WP 1 - Project Management

WP 1 covers the management of the project of which Lahti UAS is responsible for. A project management group is established to oversee the project. There is one member in the management group from all participating universities and two from Lahti UAS.

A Moodle-based platform is in use for all the participating universities and it will ensure a transparent production process, real-time work progress monitoring, and the continuous updating of results. The management group meets on a regular basis both virtually and face-to-face.

WP 2 - Quality Assurance

Quality assurance covers the acceptance of QA activities and principles, quality assessment of the first outcome (mapping the situation) and evaluation of the competence definition with the criteria of EQF level 7. The project management group evaluates the module development outcome with the criteria EQF 7 as well as each university’s own module criteria.

Self-evaluation targets and criteria will be created by combining the joint degree criteria, EQF and each partner institution’s own quality assurance principles for degree programmes. An external evaluator will be used to audit the piloted joint degree with the self-evaluation targets and criteria.

Edinburgh Napier University is in charge of the quality assurance of CareMan project.

WP 3 - Curriculum Development

During WP 3, three common ECTS modules are developed for the curriculum of each participants' university in a relevant Masters programme. The first phase was mapping the situation of culture and quality management in social and health care services.

Universities had focus groups with students studying in their respective master’s programme. The students, already working in the social and health care sector brought insight into the leadership and managerial cultures of their organizations.

The second phase in WP 3 compared the present social and healthcare management and business management curricula of participating master’s programmes, and collected the similarities and differences.

The third phase in WP 3 will defined cultural leadership and quality management competences needed in social and health care. The joint degree will have 10 ECTS on Human Resource and Knowledge Management developed with the same consortium in an Erasmus IP. This WP will produce another 20 ECTS with themes modified in WP 3. HAMK UAS is responsible for the curriculum development WP.

WP 4 - Joint Degree Master's Degree Proposal

In the first phase in WP 4 the five participating programmes will proceed towards Joint Degree Master’s Programme agreements. In the second phase the joint degree proposal will be piloted for one academic year. A subset of each master‘s programme's yearly student in-take will choose this joint degree path in their studies.

Joint modules are:

  • Human Resources and Knowledge Management (April - June 2015)
  • Quality Management (October - December 2015)
  • Intercultural Management (March - May 2016)

The responsible university of WP 4 is Lahti UAS.

WP 5 - Dissemination

WP 5, dissemination, starts in the very beginning of the project. Évora University is in charge of the dissemination process of the project.

Dissemination includes the CareMan Website, newsletters workshops, articles, seminars and one monograph. It further ensures the continuous updating of results.

WP 6 - Exploitation

WP 6 is exploitation of the results. The key questions imitating development of the project will be answered. The main output will be describing and rationalizing the general changes needed in a joint degree and also the changes that are necessary to be adopted in the education of health and social care managers to help them through shaping organizational culture achieve high quality efficient social and health care services.

Charles University is responsible for the exploitation of the CareMan project results.