Centre for Strategic Selling

If you are in Business, you are in Sales

Our Vision

Our Vision is to establish the UK's first University-led professional Centre for Strategic Selling in the UK

This will be achieved working together in partnership with important stakeholder groups including: businesses (SMEs and corporates who recognise the strategic role and relevance of professional selling and sales management) across industry sectors, professional bodies, government economic agencies, Universities (at home and abroad), high profile entrepreneurs, international and national sales training providers, research-active academics, sales practitioners and sales recruitment firms.

Stakeholders involved in the provision of, and or servicing of professional selling and sales management across Scotland and beyond: those bodies and individuals who have spoken out about their passion for, and commitment to the ‘sales agenda’ and its vital importance to employability, individual and business competencies and economic stimulus, growth and prosperity.

Dr Tony Douglas

Associate Professor in Strategy and Sales
Head of the Centre for Strategic Selling

Dr Barbara McCrory

Lecturer in Sales

Professor Neil Rackham

Visiting Professor in Strategic Sales at Edinburgh Napier Business School

Dr Jaylan Azer

Lecturer in Marketing

Staff Recruitment photo 

Dr David Johnson

Lecturer in Entrepreneurship

Agata Krowinska

Research Assistant

Zuzana Hrabalova

School Support Administrator (Commercial Programmes)

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Our Mission 

  • To promote professional and entrepreneurial selling and sales leadership research, learning & best practice

  • To professionalise sales through research and commercial activity, industry buy-in and engagement and best practice

  • To partner with professional bodies and lead accreditation, training and research for the sales profession

  • To lobby for an increased focus on sales within the UK economy by providing robust research into the changes and future trends within the sales function.

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Contact for more information: Dr Tony Douglas t.douglas@napier.ac.uk