The 'Edinburgh Napier' signature combines creativity, originality, initiative, idea generation, design thinking, adaptability and reflexivity with problem identification, problem solving, innovation, expression, communication and practical action.

In practice, it is achieved through our core curriculum, increased use of innovative teaching approaches, external engagement and experiential learning.

In addition, our unique extra-curricular ‘Employability Skills Programme’ (ESP), guides students through a structured set of activities that creates an evidence base of individuals' key skills such as communication, collaboration and creative problem solving. The importance of these uniquely human abilities in today's world of work is also emphasised by Skills Development Scotland.

The programme, explained in the following short videos, is delivered in partnership with industry, and all full-time undergraduate students benefit from participation.

The Employability Skills Programme briefs are all real-world examples, which is beneficial as it feels like a real time project and not something which is strictly theoretical based.

Stephanie Centola

Business Management with Marketing BA (Hons)