Dr Constantia Anastasiadou

Constantia is a Reader in Tourism and an expert in EU and international tourism policy, destination governance and technological mediation processes in tourism.
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Constantia is the leading authority in EU tourism policy and has published extensively on the impact of regional trading organisations on international tourism development. She has undertaken research projects on cross border collaboration in tourism in Southern Africa, tourism marketing technologies and community engagement in events. Her main research interests lay in tourism policy, governance, stakeholder engagement and organisational structures in tourism. She is currently involved in comparative research in destination management organisational structures in Scotland and Denmark.

Previously she oversaw the development and progress of PhD students and contributed to the PhD research training provision within the Business School. She has also worked as a qualitative social researcher on tourism-related and employability projects and in various posts within the travel industry. 
Constantia was previously the Reviews Editor for the Journal of Policy Research in Tourism, Leisure and Events (Sept. 2008- Jan. 2014) and has acted as a scientific committee member and reviewer for many academic conferences and journals including Tourism Management, Annals of Tourism Research, Tourism Geographies and Event Management. She is a committee member of Tourism Society Scotland and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and Royal Geographical Society.

Areas of expertise

  • International tourism policy
  • Tourism and the European Union
  • Destination governance
  • Technological mediation processes in tourism

Research projects 

  • Tourism Lifelong Learning Network (TOULL). A partner of this EU funded TEMPUS project (€ million, October 2012- March 2016). The project develops a lifelong learning network “universities-authorities-business” in the sphere of tourism and hospitality and targets 4 Russian regions: Tomsk, Altay, Kemerovo and Ivanovo.
  • Enhancing the authenticity and sustainability of the visitor heritage experiences through 3D printing technology. A co-investigator on an AHRC funded project [AHRC - Design in Innovation: Research Development Funding, £38,000, Jan-Sept. 2014] with Dr. Sam Forster from the School of Design, Edinburgh Napier University. 

Courses taught 

International Tourism Policy and Planning, Tourism Concepts and Issues


  • BA (Hons), in Economics (1998), University of Macedonia, Greece 
  • MSc in Tourism, (1999) Scottish Hotel School, University of Strathclyde, UK 
  • PhD in Tourism, (2004) Scottish Hotel School, University of Strathclyde, UK 
  • PG Cert in Teaching and Learning (2009), Edinburgh Napier University, UK

Professional memberships and honours 

  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and Royal Geographical Society
  • Member of Tourism Society

Key publications

  • Panyik, E & Anastasiadou, C. (2013) Mapping the EU's Evolving Role in Tourism: Implications of the New EU Tourism Competence. Book Chapter in: Trends in European Tourism Planning and Organisation. Channel View Publications: Bristol.
  • Anastasiadou, C. & Migas, N. (2013) Individualising the tourist brochure: reconfiguring tourism experiences and transforming the classic image maker. Book Chapter in: Mediating the Tourism Experience: From Brochures to Virtual Encounters. Ashgate.
  • Anastasiadou, C. (2011) Promoting sustainability from above: Reflections on the influence of the European Union on tourism governance. Policy Journal Quarterly Special Issue on Governance for Policy Development7(4): 27-33. URL: http://igps.victoria.ac.nz/publications/files/1aed1d17168.pdf
  • Anastasiadou, C. (2011) Tourism mobility in regional integration schemes: a case of political deregulation?Journal of Policy Research in Tourism, Leisure and Events. Special Issue: Rights and Political Regulation of Travel and Tourism, 3 (3): 237-255. Carnegie Trust Universities of Scotland grant.
  • Rogers, P & Anastasiadou, C. (2011) Community involvement in festivals: exploring ways of increasing local participation. Event Management. Special Issue: Sustainability in the Event Management Sector, 15(4): 387-399.
  • Barron, P. & Anastasiadou, C. (2009) Student part time employment: implications, challenges and opportunities for higher education. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management. 21(2): 140-153.
  • Anastasiadou, C. (2008) Stakeholder perspectives on the European Union tourism policy framework and their preferences on the type of involvement, International Journal of Tourism Research. 10(3): 221-235.
  • Migas, N, Anastasiadou, C.& Stirling, A. (2008) Individualised tourism brochures as a novel approach to mass customization. Special Issue on Technology of the Journal of Hospitality and Leisure Marketing. 17(1): 237-257.
  • Anastasiadou, C. (2008) Tourism interest groups in the EU policy arena: Characteristics, relationships and challenges. Current Issues in Tourism 11(1): 24-63.
  • Anastasiadou, C. and de Sausmarez N. (2006) The role of regional trading blocs in the development and management of tourism: An analysis of the European Union and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations,International Journal of Tourism Research Vol. 8 (5): 317-332.

Other publications

  • Halkier, H. & Muller, D. & Anastasiadou, C. & Kiriyanova, L. & Goncharova, N. & Kagan, F. & Kolupanova, I. & Dunets, A. & Yumatov, K. & Surtseva, A. & Gizey, Y. & Yakimova, N. & Benson, A. & Brathwaite, T. and Mair, M. (2016) Tourist destination dynamics in Russia - Tourism development and public-private partnership in four non-metropolitan destinations. Report produced as part of the Tourism and Lifelong Learning (TOULL) project sponsored by EU TEMPUS. Department of Culture and Global Studies, Aalborg University
  • Leask, A. and Barron, P. and Anastasiadou, C. and Wardrop, K and Reid, E. (2012a) Pricing and Packaging Visitor Attractions Experiences for Generation Y. Tourism Intelligence Scotland. http://www.tourism-intelligence.co.uk/~/media/TIS/Documents/Intelligence%20and%20insights/TIS%20Gen%20Y%20%20Pricing%20and%20Packaging.pdf
  • Leask, A. and Barron, P. and Anastasiadou, C. and Wardrop, K and Reid, E. (2012b) Visitor Attractions Experiences for Generation Y– a consumer perspective. Tourism Intelligence Scotland. http://www.tourism-intelligence.co.uk/~/media/TIS/Documents/Intelligence%20and%20insights/Napier%20University%20%20Visitor%20Attractions%20Gen%20Y.pdf


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