School of Health & Social Care staff
Our staff aim to make an enduring positive impact on the world around us. 

Our staff work to make an enduring and positive impact on the world around us.

From the highest standards of teaching, delivered by an exceptional academic team, to ground-breaking research, we’re setting our School of Health & Social Care apart as the best of its kind in the UK.

With over 120 academic staff and the highest number of Professors and Associate Professors in this sector in Scotland, we are committed to the delivery of outstanding quality research and education with real-world impact.

We are structured into four key subject disciplines: Nursing, Midwifery, Allied Health Professions & Social Work, and Health & Social Care Sciences.  We work closely together across our disciplines, embracing interprofessional and interdisciplinary working in all that we do. Our staff are pivotal to our continual drive for excellence in our world-leading education and research.

Use the links below to view detailed staff profiles, including a biography and full contact details, or to email them directly if there is no profile available.

Dean of the School of Health and Social Care

Professor Alison Machin, Dean of School

Alison Mooney, PA to the Dean

Allied Health Professions and Social Work

Professor Elizabeth McKay, Head of Allied Health Professions and Social Work
Lorraine Barry
Dr Dawn Drury, Lecturer & Practice Lead
Kate Fennell, Associate Lecturer
Susanne Goetzold, Lecturer
Dr David Hamilton, Lecturer
Dr Jill Kelleher (Davey), Associate Professor
Dr Jana Kralova
Dr Michael Leavitt
Donald MacDonald, Associate Professor
Alpana Mair, Lecturer
Tom Mckeaver
Colin McLelland, Lecturer
Dr Julia Sterman, Lecturer
Dr Peter Yates, Lecturer

Health and Social Care Sciences

Dr Brian Williams, Head of Health and Social Care Sciences; Professor of Behavioural & Health Services Research; Head of Research - University Research Structures, ENU

Dr Lynda Anderson, Research Fellow
Dr Anna Bak-Klimek, Lecturer
Dr Nadine Dougall, Associate Professor
Dr Carol Gray Brunton, Lecturer
Dr Janet Hanley, Associate Professor
Dr Coral Hanson, Research Fellow
Dr David Henderson, Research Fellow
Dr Peter Hillen, Lecturer
Dr Paul Hutton, Associate Professor
Katherine Johnston, Research Fellow
Prof Athanasios Karatzias, Professor
Dr Lisa O'Leary, Lecturer
Dr Andrew Maine, Lecturer
Sheona Mchale, Research Assistant
Prof Colin McKay, Professor
Dr Jennifer Murray, Associate Professor
Prof Alicia Neubeck, Professor
Alice Pearsons, Research Assistant
Jan Savinc, Research Fellow
Elizabeth Speakman, Research Fellow
Jill Stavert, Professor
Amanda Woodrow, Research Assistant
Jennifer Young, Research Fellow


Professor Caroline Hollins-Martin, Head of Midwifery; PhD MPhil BSc RM RGN MBPsS Senior Fellow HEA; Professor in Maternal Health

Natalie Byrne, University Tutor
Elaine Foye, Associate Lecturer
Dr Yvonne Greig, Lecturer
Kathryn Hardie, Lecturer
Nessa McHugh, Lecturer
Connie McLuckie, Lecturer
Shona Montgomery, Lecturer
Margaret Moran, Lecturer
Anne Moylan, Lecturer
Gail Norris, Lecturer
Dr Jennifer Patterson, Lecturer


Professor Austyn Snowden, Head of Nursing

Samuel Abdulla, Lecturer
Associate Prof Elizabeth Adamson, Associate Professor
Janyne Afseth, Lecturer
Dr Iain Atherton, Senior Lecturer
Fiona Bastow, Lecturer
Karen Beattie, Lecturer
Elizabeth Campbell, Lecturer
Dr Elaine Carnegie, Lecturer
Fiona Carver, Lecturer
Jacqueline Charlton, Lecturer
Alison Coull, Lecturer
Gavin Cullen, Lecturer
Rachel Davidson-Welch, University Tutor
Julie Edmiston-Philp, Associate Lecturer
Mark Freeman-Ferguson, Lecturer
Mandy Gentleman, Lecturer
Brian Gilhooly, University Tutor
Joyce Greig, Lecturer
Nahida Hanif, Lecturer
Bruce Harper-McDonald, Lecturer
Kevin Head, Pastoral Support Advisor
Mhari Henderson-Laidlaw, Lecturer
Avril Hendry, Lecturer
Dr Inga Heyman, Lecturer
Ann Higgins, University Tutor
Fiona-Jean Howson, Lecturer
Jacqueline Johnston, Lecturer
Cher-Antonia, Khedim, University Tutor
Jennifer King, Associate Lecturer
Linda King, Lecturer
Claire Kydonaki, Lecturer
Adam Lloyd, Lecturer
Pamela Logan, Lecturer
Catherine Macfarlane, Lecturer
Fiona MacKenzie, Associate Lecturer
Jessica MacLaren, Lecturer
Mairi MacVarish, University Tutor
Dr Sonya MacVicar, Associate Professor
Dr Catherine Mahoney, Associate Professor
Dr Cari Malcolm, Lecturer
Helen Matthew, University Tutor
Debbie McGirr, Associate Professor
Caroline Mearns, Lecturer
Susan Murray, Lecturer
Michelle O'Reilly, Lecturer
Ruth Paterson, Associate Professor
Patricia Perry, Lecturer
Helen Pinnons, Lecturer
Dr Janette Pow, Lecturer
Dr Nicola Ring, Associate Professor
Anne Rowat, Lecturer
Ailsa Sharp, Lecturer
Dr Sandra Sharp, Lecturer
Craig Shepherd, Technician
Jane Sime, Lecturer
Jamie-Lee Simons, Technician
Dr Stephen Smith, Senior Lecturer
Dr Natasha Spassiani, Lecturer
Ian stables, Lecturer
Susan Taylor, Associate Lecturer
Jacqueline Taylor, University Tutor
Maureen Theurer, University Tutor
Emma Trotter, Lecturer
Amanda Wetherall, Lecturer
Linda Whitehorn, Associate Lecturer
David Whiteley, Lecturer
Dr Diane Willis, Lecturer
Barbara Wood, Lecturer