Edinburgh Napier University

School of Health & Social Care staff

Our staff aim to make an enduring positive impact on the world around us. 
Our staff aim to make an enduring positive impact on the world around us. 

From the highest standards of teaching, delivered by an exceptional academic team, to ground-breaking projects, we’re setting our Health & Social Care School apart as the best of its kind in the UK.

With over 130 academic staff and the highest number of Professors and Associate Professors in this sector in Scotland, we have a wide range of professionals specialising in nursing, midwifery, social work, clinical psychology, health geography and social science. 

Some of our key projects are in the areas of mental health, cardiovascular health, women and child health, population and public health and innovations for practice, helping us make a lasting, practical difference to the world around us.

Use the links below to view detailed staff profiles, including a biography and full contact details, or to email them directly if there is no profile available. 

Dean of the School of Health and Social Care

Dr Hazel Willis, Interim Dean

Annie Ford, PA to the Dean

Cardiovascular Health

Professor Lis Neubeck, Head of Cardiovascular Health

Professor Susan Dawkes, Professor in Nursing 
Dr Janet Hanley, Associate Professor
Fiona Bastow, Lecturer
Jacqui Charlton, Lecturer
Dr Alison Coull, Lecturer 
Brian Gilhooly, Teaching Associate
Dr Coral Hanson, Research Fellow
Dr Sahar Khonsari, Research Fellow
Dr Adam Lloyd, Lecturer 
Ailsa Sharp, Lecturer 
Dr Alison Wood, Lecturer
Alpana Mair, Lecturer
Helen Matthew, Teaching Associate
Dr Anne Rowat, Lecturer
Dr Barbara Farquharson, Lecturer
Dr Claire Kydonaki, Lecturer
Colin McLelland, Lecturer
Michelle O'Reilly, Lecturer
Ruth Paterson, Lecturer
Dr Pam Ramsay, Lecturer
Jane Whitehorn, Associate Lecturer

Honorary staff:
Professor Robyn Gallagher 
Professor Robyn Clark 

Innovation in Health & Social Care Practice 

Dr Elizabeth Anne McKay, Associate Professor, Head of Innovation in Health & Social Care Practice

Liz Adamson, Associate Professor
Dr Stuart Cable, Associate Professor
Donnie MacDonald, Associate Professor
Barbara Neades, Senior Lecturer
Dr Stephen Smith, Senior Lecturer
Libby Campbell, Lecturer
Isobel Dosser, Lecturer
Mandy Gentleman, Lecturer 
Joyce Greig, Lecturer
Bruce Harper-McDonald, Lecturer
Dr Kirstin James, Lecturer
Linda King, Lecturer 
Fiona Mackinnon, Lecturer
Patricia Perry, Lecturer 
Sandra Sharp, Lecturer
Simon Sikora, Lecturer 
David Tait, Lecturer 
Gillian Taylor, Lecturer 
Barbara Wood, Lecturer 
Fiona MacKenzie, Associate Lecturer 
Patricia Brooks Young, Lead Nurse Palliative Care
Susan Taylor, Research Fellow 
Shannon Porter, Research Student 
Nicole Walsh, PhD Student 
Nina Barrett, Technician 
Hannah Weir, Technician

Mental Health 

Professor Austyn Snowden, Head of Mental Health

Professor Jill Stavert, Director of the Centre of Mental Health and Capacity Law 
Nadine Dougall
, Associate Professor 
Dr Paul Hutton, Associate Professor 
Dr Jennifer Murray, Associate Professor
Dr Norrie Brown, Senior Lecturer 
Dr Peter Yates, Senior Lecturer 
Dr Anna Bak-Klimek, Lecturer 
Gavin Cullen, Lecturer 
Fiona Carver, Lecturer 
Dr Sarah Doyle, Lecturer 
Kate Fennell, Lecturer 
Eve Mullins, Lecturer 
Inga Heyman, Lecturer 
Pamela Logan, Lecturer 
Dr Jessica MacLaren, Lecturer 
Dr Edel McGlanaghy, Lecturer 
Alison Thomson, Lecturer
Kev Head, Pastoral Support lead 
Jan Savinc, Research Fellow 
Iniobong Enang, Research Assistant 
Aisha Macgregor, Research Assistant 
Georgina Davis, PhD student 
Avril Stobbart, Practice Education Facilitator
Angela Colborn-Veitch, Clinical academic
Jenny Revel, Clinical Academic

Population & Public Health

Dr Richard G Kyle, Reader, Head of Population & Public Health

Professor Brian Williams, Professor of Behavioural & Health Services Research
Dr Catherine Mahoney, Lecturer in Nursing
Dr David Whiteley, Lecturer, Researcher
Dr Diane S Willis, Lecturer 
Dr Elaine Carnegie, Lecturer
Dr Helen Frost, Lecturer
Dr Iain Atherton, Reader
Dr Jane Hislop, Lecturer, Programme Lead, Physiotherapy
Dr Janette Pow, Lecturer in Population & Public Health
Dr Lisa O'Leary, Lecturer in Learning Disabiliites
Dr Maria Truesdale, Lecturer in Learning Disabilities
Dr Natasha A Spassiani, Lecturer in Learning Disabilities
Dr Peter Hillen, Research Fellow
Dr Anna Schneider, Research Fellow in Administrative Data Research
Emma Trotter, Lecturer
Fiona-Jean Howson, RGN Lecturer in Nursing, Practice Teacher
Ian Stables, Lecturer in Learning Disability Nursing
Jane Sime, Lecturer
Janyne Afseth, RN Lecturer 
Jenny Young, Research Fellow
Linda Hume, Lecturer in Learning Disabilities
Linda Veitch, Lecturer in Nursing 
Lucy Johnston, Research Fellow 
Mhari Henderson-Laidlaw, Lecturer in Learning Disability Nursing
Nahida Hanif, Lecturer in Nursing
Nicola Gillespie, Research Midwife
Sam Abdulla, Lecturer in Learning Disability Nursing 
Wendy McInally Macmillan, Lecturer in Child Health and Cancer Nursing 
Professor Kathie Lasater, Visiting Professor
Dr Laurence Taggart, Visiting Professor

Women, Children & Families

Dr Nicola Ring, Associate Professor, Head of Women, Children & Families

Dr Rhona McInnes, Associate Professor of Midwifery 
Ariane Critchley, Lecturer in Social Work
Jill Davey, Associate Professor of Social Work
Mark Freeman-Ferguson, Lecturer in Child Health 
Suzanne Goetzoid, Lecturer Child Protection
Kathryn Hardie, Lecturer in Midwifery
Professor Caroline Hollins Martin, Professor of Midwifery 
Tracy Humphrey, Professor, Dean of School 
Robin Hyde, Lecturer in Child Health
Jennie King, Associate Lecturer in Child Health
Catherine MacFarlane, Lecturer in Child Health
Dr Sonya MacVicar, Lecturer Midwifery 
Dr Cari Malcolm, Lecturer in Child Health
Debbie McGirr, Lecturer Practitioner 
Nessa McHugh, Lecturer in Midwifery
Connie McLuckie, Lecturer in Midwifery 
Caroline Mearns, Lecturer in Child Health
Margaret Moran, Lecturer in Midwifery
Shona Montgomery, Lecturer in Midwifery 
Anne Moylan, Lecturer in Midwifery 
Susan Murray, Lecturer Child Health 
Gail Norris, Lecturer Midwifery 
Jenny Paterson, Research Fellow
Julie Edminston Philips, Associate Lecturer child health
Lindsey Robb, Lecturer in Child Protection
Sarah Struzick, Associate Lecturer
Charlotte Taylor, Research Fellow
Dr Naomi Waddell, Lecturer in Midwifery 
Rachel Welch, Teaching Associate Child Health 
Amanda Wetherall, Lecturer in Child Health