Our transformational actions explained

Introduce and embed the ENhance Curriculum Framework

Excellence in learning and teaching is central to the success of the University, as is the experience of our students. We will translate the University's strategic aspirations into a thematic approach to enhancing and reshaping curricula, supporting our staff and students, by introducing the ENhance Curriculum Framework for all taught programmes. 

Prioritise career and professional development

As a University, our primary focus is to be an institution of development and self-improvement. We believe true career satisfaction comes from opportunities for personal development and growth; we want our staff to have those same chances to make the positive steps forward we offer to our students. We will prioritise career and professional development for staff, with an initial focus on early career academics and professional service colleagues. 

Launch new Innovation Hub

We recognise the importance of an academic culture that has external engagement and knowledge exchange at its heart. We will grow our employer, industry, government and alumni networks through a new Innovation Hub to enhance our research capability, support innovation in the economy and provide opportunities for our students.

Establish International Centres

Our teaching and research impacts communities all across the world, from our campuses in Edinburgh through our transnational education with overseas partners and our online offering. We will establish International Centres with partners that integrate learning, teaching, research and professional practice and consolidate our international profile.

Deliver accessible upskilling and work-based learning routes

We will deliver accessible upskilling and work-based learning routes focused on lifelong learning, future skills requirements and retraining. This will help towards supporting Scotland's recovery and inclusive long-term economic and civic development.

Align academic excellence around wellbeing and sustainability

We will align and build academic excellence focused on wellbeing and sustainability, underpinned by the themes of: Health; Environment; AI and Technologies; and Culture and Communities. Developing a strategic research focus on key challenge-led academic themes will foster an inter-disciplinary approach to delivering internationally excellent research and impact in tandem with a research informed fold curriculum.

Build research capacity and capability

We will increase our capability and capacity to deliver high quality and volume research outcomes and income, through a comprehensive framework of academic staff support and targeted investment in areas with critical mass and external alignment.

Grow and diversify income

Over the next three to five years we will diversify our income and achieve a 20% growth, primarily through our research and academic partnerships.

Achieve net zero carbon by 2030

There has never been a more critical time to be active in our pursuit to look after our environment. We will combine the expertise and motivation of our community to enhance sustainability within and beyond the University through our curriculum, research, operations, partnerships and engagement. Please see here for more information.