Building innovation, enterprise and citizenship

We are an innovative University at the heart of our community. We aim to grow this by focusing on our innovation, enterprise and citizenship and developing creative, socially responsible people equipped to solve challenges across the globe.

To build innovation, enterprise and citizenship, we will

  • Expand opportunities for students to engage with or start up businesses and social enterprises
  • Grow knowledge exchange partnerships
  • Promote an innovative approach to programme delivery
  • Provide a learning environment that develops graduates who have enterprising and innovative mind-sets and who are well prepared to thrive in complex uncertain environments
  • Adopt a continuous improvement approach to service delivery, challenging current thinking, policies and processes, to deliver high partner/client satisfaction
  • Maximise the value of our assets through increased social and commercial utilisation

Key performance indicators by 2020

  • Carbon emissions at least 35% below 2006/07 levels
  • Increase Continuing Professional Development and Knowledge Exchange income by 25%

To find out how we're currently doing against our targets, please see our Corporate Plan below.

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