Internationalising our work

Edinburgh Napier is an international university, home to students from over 100 countries. We are also a leader in transnational education and the largest UK provider of higher education in Hong Kong. In Strategy 2020, we aim to build on this reputation.

To internationalise our work, we will

  • Build strategic partnerships at home and in targeted regions of the world
  • Grow transnational higher education delivery and the international accessibility of our programmes
  • Grow our international student community ensuring effective integration and high satisfaction
  • Create an 'internationalised' environment, through our curriculum, pedagogy, research, service delivery and increased staff and student mobility and international experience
  • Develop new sustainable models to expand the University's activities, reputation and the visibility of its brand internationally
  • Work with our city and region to enhance the local, cultural and economic benefits of the international profile and reach of the University

Key performance indicators by 2020

  • Grow international, non-EU student population (FTE) from 4,600 to 7,800
  • Grow student mobility and international experiences

For more details, please see our Internationalisation Strategy below and to find out how we're currently doing against our targets, please see our Corporate Plan.

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