Staff profile: Cristina Pouso

Cristina Pouso is a senior development executive within the University's Development & External Relations department based at Sighthill campus.


“I’m originally from Galicia in Spain and have a 7-year-old daughter called Olivia. I can play the guitar and my daughter is learning, too. We often have jam sessions together. However, Olivia prefers it when I just sit and watch her. What can I say - she loves the limelight!

“We have a house in Spain in a beautiful town called Camariñas which is in the north-west of the country. Olivia and I go back once a year and love spending time with our family.

“I really enjoy cooking, especially Spanish food. My speciality dish? Definitely my Spanish tortilla!

“My role at the University is one of three Senior Development Executives in the Development & External Relations team. Together we work to engage companies, Trusts and individuals to raise money to support students through scholarships and bursaries.”