Staff profile: Daniel Earls

Daniel Earls is a campus support assistant at Craiglockhart
“I was working on a building site in Ireland in about 2004 and it was obscenely well paid for general labouring. But I was never that into it and I remember thinking that it can’t last, so I thought I’d give University a crack.

“I studied English Literature and Philosophy at Maynooth University and then got an admin job at University College Dublin, where I studied a Masters in Library and Information Studies. My partner Nikki was doing a PhD at the University of Edinburgh in Sociology so I moved and got a job working in their Business School’s library.

“I didn’t see the role I had as being super challenging in the long run and the role at Napier appealed because it was more general but involved IT as well as library stuff. My impression was that Napier was also probably a more personable place, without some of the hierarchies that I’d seen working and studying in HE. Sometimes research reputation doesn’t always translate into an amazing experience for students and staff. And I felt that Napier would be a positive move for me.

“One thing that I’ve kept under the radar from my colleagues is that I’m quite into meditation. I’ve been involved in a couple of workshops here at Napier, basically showing people how to meditate via simple mediation and relaxation exercises. I started when I came to Edinburgh and I’d meditate in the morning and evening for half an hour, and found it a great benefit. But I’ve got a little baby now, Daire, and it’s amazing, but I miss really sleeping so there’s not much meditation right now.”

Craiglockhart Campus

Home to the Business School, Craiglockhart campus blends the old and the new. Set within attractive grounds overlooking Edinburgh, facilities include 200- and 400-seat lecture theatres and language and multimedia labs. It's also home to our innovation and enterprise centre.