Staff profile: Faye Skelton

Faye Skelton is a lecturer in Psychology at our Sighthill campus.

“My husband and I have recently taken up learning Lindy Hop. The classes are now sort of on hiatus for the summer but we just started learning with the Edinburgh Swing Dance Society. It’s down in Stockbridge on a Thursday. We’ve been enjoying it, it’s really good fun. I’m not a natural dancer, I can learn patterns but it’s been a learning curve and I’m looking forward to going back to that in September.

“There’s a really nice scene in Edinburgh – we’d like to get to some proper rock n roll jive classes but we haven’t found any yet. The last two Easters we’ve been at Viva Las Vegas, a big rockabilly festival in the States. We went for our honeymoon in 2016, and we went again as it was the 20th anniversary this year, but we’re not going again next year as it really blows the holiday budget for the whole year! They have great bands – we saw Los Straitjackets and The Terrorsaurs but we were also lucky enough to see Dita Von Teese this year as they have burlesque as well.

“When we were in Manchester we were quite involved in the burlesque scene as my husband had a ladies vintage style clothing shop and we used to sponsor quite a lot of events; we have a lot of friends in the cabaret and burlesque scene. The Fringe is great as a lot of them migrate north and we get to catch up. Edinburgh doesn’t have a very big burlesque scene – there are occasional performances, but there’s not quite the same appetite as there was in Manchester for something every night.

“So when it comes to the Fringe, and there’s burlesque on every night, it is like you almost get your years’ worth in three weeks. You take days off work as the shows don’t finish until 3.30am – the last two years we’ve done about 20-25 shows at the Fringe, just because we haven’t seen so much as we would have been drawn to normally throughout the year. It gets to August and you’re like I’m going to that, that and that. I’ve seen taxidermy puppets singing about animal rights, I’ve seen mind reading, I’ve seen CrossFit Jesus on a spin bike which is just brilliant – there’s something for everyone.

“This year there is again some absolutely brilliant looking stuff. However, the only thing we’ve got tickets to at the moment is Room 29, which is part of the International Festival and it’s Jarvis Cocker & Chilly Gonzales singing about occupants of the Chateau Marmont Hotel in Hollywood. I’m a huge Jarvis fan, I was in love with Pulp as a teenager and I think he’s hilarious so that was the first thing I was drawn to. A few weeks ago we went to see Eddie Izzard, which was just amazing too. So it will be an eclectic Fringe for sure this year – performing and consuming! Comedy, cabaret and beer – the perfect combination.”

Faye's show Fitness to Witness is on at the Fringe on 17 August.

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