Staff profile: Ivana Rihova

Dr Ivana Rihova is a lecturer in Tourism within Edinburgh Napier's Business School.

“While shivering in my tent on a cold summer’s night at my first festival fieldwork site, I seriously doubted my PhD topic choice! But as soon as I begun talking to people about their festival experiences, I started to really enjoy my research.

“Understanding how people co-create value with each other and in the context of their own lives is really important if we want to create businesses and service environments that are actually useful in helping people achieve what they want to achieve. In my case, it was about helping festival managers understand how to create fun and sociable service settings, but hopefully I can take my future research further into other contexts that matter.

“Edinburgh Napier is where I did my MSc in International Tourism Management and where I unwittingly kicked off my career in academia with a research assistant post - this opened my eyes to the possibility of looking for PhD scholarship opportunities. After a few years away, coming back here has felt like coming home!

“I am originally from the Czech Republic, a lovely medieval town called Znojmo in the southern wine region. Outside of work I have a couple very different hobbies: salsa dancing and pottery! It’s a nice feeling to give the brain a break once in a while."