Staff profile: Linda Mackinnon

Linda Mackinnon is a part-time Catering Assistant based at the University’s Sighthill campus.
“I like watching planes. It started with my youngest daughter before going on holiday – she said ‘C’mon moma, let’s go watch the planes.’ It sounds sad, but me and my husband will now get a chippy and head out to the old Edinburgh airport road. It’s so quiet, so peaceful out there. If I’m feeling stressed out I go there and it sort of clears your mind. Just for half an hour, especially when you’re waiting to go on holiday.Linda Mackinnon's portrait

“I’ll have worked here for 20 years this September. Twenty years…I suppose if you were in the one place that would be a bit daunting but because I’ve been to different campuses over my time it’s been like a different job.

“It’s definitely been the perfect part-time job. It suited me because of family life. What really kept me here was the holidays – you got around two weeks at Christmas time and then five weeks of your own choice. I started when my youngest daughter was two and a half, so I had the school holidays off.

“I’ve done a variety of things, from washing dishes, preparing the salad bar or doing the toasties and the Paninis in the mornings, and I usually go onto the till. I enjoy it because different staff members will come and talk about their holidays or whatever.

“And then you’ve got the foreign students, which is nice. I used to take foreign students in my home for about eight years. It helps me now when the summer students come on campus – it’s me that helps get them in line … but it’s also because I’m the oldest. I put my authoritative face on!

“I’ve got my first grandchild now, he’s 10 months old and my daughter’s back to work, so I’m looking after him three afternoons a week. It’s more special being a granny because you’re not tired and worried all the time, you can hand them back. It’s definitely a different experience to being a mother.”

Sighthill Campus

Our Sighthill campus serves more than 5,000 students and staff of the School of Applied Sciences and the School of Health & Social Care. Facilities include life-like hospital wards, a clinical skills suite, sports science labs and our [EN]GAGE sports centre.