Staff profile: Lorraine Kelly

Lorraine Kelly is a cleaning supervisor at our Sighthill campus.

“I’ve got six grandchildren varying in ages from 20 down to six. And I love taking them for walks, all the lovely places around Edinburgh, like Almondell Country Park and the Pentlands. What I really like, though, is going round the second-hand shops. I love it; it relaxes me for some reason. It’s like an Aladdin’s Cave – you go in and you don’t know what you’re going to find, whether it’s a book or a bag or a dress.

“I’ve lived in and around Sighthill all my days. My mum worked on the campus when it was the College of Commerce & Technology. They used to have waitresses in the staff canteen so my mum worked in there along with a lot of the other local women, cleaning or catering.

“I used to live in the flats opposite the campus that were demolished a few years ago. From Level 1 to 16, we knew everybody, and everyone knew each other. All the women used to sit downstairs in the summertime and the kids would be playing and eating ice-poles and having water fights. It was great, a real good community.

“I love the buzz of being a supervisor, of getting everything organised. I still do the cleaning myself to keep my hand in. I’ve got a good team and I love my job. It’s hard work but we all get on and help each other.

“I know an awful lot of people here and I’m always talking to them. I don’t know them all by name, but I tell them stories and whatever else. That’s just me. When I started doing mornings here I also had a wee job with the Council doing home care, and even then I was the same. You need to have people skills, chat to people and get on with people.

“When I’m up cleaning the Principal’s area I say morning and how are you; I just talk to her like I’d talk to anyone else because she’s just a person doing a job too. She’s human. You could be the King, I would still say hello.”

Sighthill Campus

Our Sighthill campus serves more than 5,000 students and staff of the School of Applied Sciences and the School of Health & Social Care. Facilities include life-like hospital wards, a clinical skills suite, sports science labs and our [EN]GAGE sports centre.