Staff profile: Mark Pentler

Mark Pentler, campus technician at Edinburgh Napier

“I am a campus technician, part of a team of three. The way IS works means we can get pulled across to other campuses but for the most part, I’m based at Sighthill. We do campus support on an end-user level so we deal with students and staff who come to us with issues. Mark Pentler staff portraitWe have a new building coming online called Seven Hills at the Bankhead Industrial Estate so we’ll also be responsible for taking on the support for that as we’re the nearest campus - it's a busy time for us.

“I’m originally from Lancashire, as is my wife. We were living in Preston and we saw an episode of Question Time from Glasgow and it seemed that off the back of that, people in Scotland were nice and the social and political situation was closer to our type of thing - we just fancied a change really. We saw the programme and thought Scotland seems like a nice place and everyone seems nice, let’s go there.

“Outside of work, I used to be in a band called the Aircrash Bureau, named after a Gary Newman song. I play the guitar but I don’t really have anyone to play with up here and I don’t like practicing on my own so I need to find some people to play music with. If anyone likes slightly esoteric music like Mogwai and God Speed You Black Emperor then please get in touch.”