Collaborative procurements may be led by central bodies such as Procurement Scotland, APUC Limited, Scotland Excel, NHS National Procurement, or Central Government Procurement Centre of Expertise. Information about the procurement services these organisations provide to Edinburgh Napier University may be obtained direct from the organisations.

Information for parties supplying the University with information as part of the procurement process (including tenderers and contractors)

As the University is subject to the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 and the Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004 any information provided to the University is subject to the legislation and therefore will potentially be considered for release if a relevant request for information is received.  

To assist the University in deciding what information is subject to exemptions/exceptions under the legislation and therefore should not be disclosed, parties providing information which they consider to be exempt under the legislation are requested to make this clear at the time of providing the information. For further information please see our FOISA FAQs

Blanket exemptions cannot be accepted. A detailed schedule must be provided identifying each piece of information, why it is exempt and how long it will be exempt for.

Procurement policies

Procurement Policies covers documentation and information about our strategy for procurement of non-pay expenditure. It also includes policies for compliance with legal obligations on major procurement exercises. Our procurement and purchasing manuals form part of the Financial Administration Manual which can be found under 8.4 Financial Resources and on our Finance Services intranet pages.


Information withheld: NONE

Procurement procedures

As part of our Financial Procedures and Regulations manual we include information on thresholds at which particular procurement policies are applicable.

The University lets publicly contracts for any requirement over £20,000 or adopts publicly advertised contracts let on its behalf by an appropriate consortia or partner such as APUC. APUC is the centre for collaborative contracting for Scottish Universities and Colleges in which the University is a named participant. Further details on these procedures are set out below:

Contract Register

The University’s Contract Register can be found at:!/institution?inst=51

University directly let contracts

Any purchase over £20,000* but below EU procurement thresholds is normally advertised in Public Contracts Scotland (*Any purchase under £20,000 is subject to competitive quotes wherever possible).

"Public Contracts Scotland is the national advertising website for Scottish public sector organisations to post large Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) notices (contracts over the European directive thresholds) and small contracts commonly known as sub-threshold notices on the website and make subsequent awards."

Anything above the EU Procurement thresholds is also advertised in Public Contracts Scotland and is automatically advertised in the OJEU, the EU's public procurement portal.

Consortia or collaborative contracts

Our University seeks to take advantage of consortia contracts and / or frameworks primarily through APUC. The University also utilises the Government Procurement Service contracts and frameworks where available and where they offer value for money.

Our standard terms and conditions of supply / service provide guidance on the standard conditions and terminology used in our contracts. Suppliers can also email our Procurement staff at


Information withheld: NONE

Procurement contacts

This section provides contact information for purchasing and procurement. The Procurement intranet site provides contact information for staff seeking advice on procurement, purchasing or potential suppliers in particular commodity areas, or alternatively email

Potential suppliers

Potential suppliers wishing to be kept informed of contract opportunities should:

  1. Register with Public Contracts Scotland 
  2. For any information on future collaborative contract opportunities contact APUC (although note that these will be advertised in Public Contracts Scotland
  3.  For any information on future Edinburgh Napier University contract opportunities email Andrew Foulner (Head of Procurement) on Please note that any such opportunities will be advertised in Public Contracts Scotland.

Our University is a signatory to the Scottish Governments Supplier Charter. This is a joint statement between public sector procurement and businesses which aims to facilitate access to public sector procurement opportunities.


Information withheld: NONE

Tender documentation

This section covers information about EU-prescribed call for competition contract notices, invitations to tender, and pre-qualification questionnaire documentation for significant procurements. We are required to publish information in the EU Journal. Invitations to tender and pre-qualification questionnaire documentation may be subject to fee or registration procedures. More information can be obtained by emailing


Information withheld: NONE

Supplier contracts 

EU-prescribed award notices of major contracts over EU thresholds. Includes:

  • goods or services covered by the contract 
  • supplier name 
  • period of the contract (including any extension options) 
  • approximate value of the contract 
  • expected date of re-tendering for the contract

More information can be obtained by emailing


Information withheld: NONE