University Court

The Court is the governing body of the University and is responsible for determining our overall strategic direction. It establishes the budgetary framework, appoints the head of the institution and oversees the University’s performance and development. 


The Court of Edinburgh Napier University was constituted in 1993 by Statutory Instrument (as amended in 2007 and re-titled in 2009 through the Edinburgh Napier University Order of Council). 


Court's responsibilities include:
  • approving the University Strategy and monitoring performance against it
  • approval of budgets, monitoring of financial performance and presentation of audited financial statements for each financial year
  • ensuring the University complies with the requirements of the Combined Code and subsequent codes of Corporate Governance
  • ensuring an effective system of internal control
  • overseeing the strategic and reputational risks facing the University
  • ensuring that statutory requirements for health and safety, equality and diversity, and other areas are met
  • the appointment and, if necessary, dismissal of the Principal and Vice-Chancellor, the University Secretary, and any Vice-Principals and Assistant Principals
The full Statement of Primary Responsibilities of the University Court is published on the University's intranet site.

Court meetings

The Court normally meets four times per year, as well as an annual strategy event with the University senior management team.


The Court has a number of standing committees, some of which have sub-committees. In addition, it establishes working groups and other bodies from time to time, charged with specific and time-limited tasks.

a) One person to be appointed by the Chancellor who shall act as Assessor to the Chancellor

The Right Hon Lord Philip Brodie

(b) The Principal and Vice-Chancellor

Professor Andrea Nolan

(c) The Vice-Principal or Vice-Principals, subject to no more than three Vice-Principals serving on Court

Professor Alistair Sambell

(d) Three members of the staff of the University to be appointed as follows:

  • Member of the staff appointed by the Academic Board from the membership of Academic Board, below the level of Head of Department

Professor Alison McCleery

  • Member of the staff elected by and from among the academic staff of the University

Dr Vaughan Ellis

  • Member of the staff elected by and from among the non-academic staff of the University

Mr Stewart Walls

(e) The President of the Edinburgh Napier Students' Association and one other office-bearer of the NSA to be selected by the NSA

Mr Manish Khatri (President)

Ms Hannah Markley (Vice President - reps and volunteers)

(f) Persons appointed by the Court reflecting a variety of different interests and experience, including those with experience in the provision of education, local government, industrial, commercial or employment matters or the practice of any profession, not less than 12 nor more than 15 persons as the Court may from time to time determine.

The Very Reverend Dr Graham Forbes CBE (Chairman)

Mr Neil Ballantyne

Mrs June Boyle

Ms Joanne Brown

Mr Robert Hare

Dr Shainool Jiwa

Professor Adrienne Scullion

Dr Paul Stollard

Ms Pamela Woodburn (Vice-Chair)

Mr Neil Woodcock

Mr Ralph Adams

Mr Charles Guest

Ms Elizabeth Partyka

Professor Lesley Yellowlees