Gordon Hurst

BSc (Hons) Electronic & Communication Engineering 1989

My Career:

After graduation, I joined Ferranti as a Radar Development Engineer and working there from '89 through '93. Then I joined a US company based in East Kilbride as a Product Compliance/Certification Engineer from '93 through ‘96. Product compliance was becoming a global concern, so the company relocated that function to California and I became General Manager of the accredited compliance test division in California. 

In 2002 the company fell on hard times and I took the opportunity to spin off the compliance testing division. I founded MiCOM Labs to provide global accredited test and certification wireless services. I have grown the company to 20 personnel and now MiCOM is a global leader in our area of expertise. In 2013 I purchased our current facilities in Pleasanton, California and we continue to grow through reputation and word-of-mouth. One of the major factors in developing the company’s global leadership role and reputation was MiCOM's patent for the development of automated wireless test system and cloud based applications.

Advice for others:

I’ve found my abilities to laser focus, compartmentalise and prioritise problems, and multi-task extremely important. Founding my company and developing it into a global leader was important for my personal growth. Money was of secondary importance. Work hard, enjoy life, and enjoy what you do in your selected career. Money is important, but it should not drive your life decisions. Simply be the best you can be at all times. 

Things I’ve learned:

Never believe the world owes you something. This belief will take you down the wrong path. Instead, work hard for everything you get and never believe others will do it for you. Also, be wary of the person who says “no problem, I’ll do it”, as it’ll probably never get done!