"Gain as much varied experience as possible - you never know where your career path might lead!”  

- Sam Hawkings, BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science 2015 

 Sam Hawkins

Sam came to Edinburgh Napier as a mature student, having worked in advertising sales throughout much of her 20’s. After graduating, she trained as a laboratory scientist. First working as an intern for Dr Clare Taylor in a University lab and then with her current employer, Arrayjet.  

Sam has a lot of great tips to making the most out of your time in University and taking every opportunity to shape your career: 

  • Voluntary as well as paid work will give you valuable experience, so utilise every opportunity 
  • Always think about what transferable skills you’re developing in any job – skills like teamwork and customer service are valuable in almost any industry
  • If you’re studying and working in the sciences, become a STEM Ambassador. You’ll have the opportunity to attend key networking events and encourage the next generation to study STEM subjects 
  • Take advantage of the Student and Graduate Futures services at University, particularly when building your CV. A standout CV will make a big difference in the job market 
  • Sam’s last bit of advice is to, “Be flexible with your career aspirations and make use of your individual talents”. 
Sam has followed her own advice. She has used her talents and experience in advertising sales to augment her skills and experience as a scientist. This has enabled her to transition into a Business Development role with her employer, Arrayjet. She’s been able to combine all her skills, experience and knowledge to forge her career - proving that every skill you develop and experience you gain will help you in the future.  

Published March 2020

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