Keep vigilant to phishing scams

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A person typing on a laptopEdinburgh Napier University has been made aware of a ransomware attack on one of our suppliers, Blackbaud. 

The Blackbaud platform is currently used to communicate with Edinburgh Napier alumni by email. Blackbaud have confirmed in their statement to us that no credit card information or bank account details were accessed.

We reported the potential breach to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) in line with official reporting procedures.

Edinburgh Napier University’s priority is our duty of care to you, our alumni members. At this moment in time no action is required by our alumni community, although, as ever, we recommend that everyone remains vigilant. 

We are working with Blackbaud and the University’s Governance team to determine the risk level of this exposure and will contact individuals immediately if necessary. We have asked Blackbaud to evidence their upgraded security measures to protect records from similar future attacks.

Information about how to spot phishing and protecting yourself can be found here.