Volunteering opportunities

There are so many ways to stay connected, give back, and develop your own skills and experiences through volunteering.

And best of all, it makes a huge impact on the experiences and outcomes current and future students.

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Be an inspiration

Inspire current students and fellow graduates with your story.
Share your experiences, advice, your career journey and tell us what impact Edinburgh Napier has had on your life.

Student working

Volunteer to support our students...

… in the classroom: 
  • Give a guest lecture 
  • Join an industry advisory group 
  • Become a mentor 
  • Participate in a careers panel discussion 
Email alumni@napier.ac.uk to discuss any of these opportunities further. 

… and through experience and applied learning: 
  • Provide a placement opportunity – you benefit from the skills and education of our students and they benefit from practical experience and applied learning. Find out more by emailing placements@napier.ac.uk 
  • We're currently looking for organisations to host students on short, week-long micro-placements. Find out more about micro-placements
  • Hire our graduates. Our Employer Engagement team offers free recruitment support and a free job board service. And you get to benefit from the talent, skill and knowledge of our graduates. 

People having coffee together

Be a champion... 

… for alumni: 

  • Start a networking group in your local area or for your subject area 
  • Volunteer to help organise events and reunions for your fellow alumni 
  • Speak at an alumni event 
… for students: 
  • Talk to prospective students about studying at Edinburgh Napier 
  • Attend an open day (undergraduate or postgraduate)  
  • Attend a recruitment fair or meet an international recruiter in your local area 
For more information on any of these opportunities, email alumni@napier.ac.uk.

Pass on your wisdom and insight.

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You’ve just joined a wonderful network of alumni who are willing to give back and help each other succeed. Speaking of networks and connections, head over to our LinkedIn group and read the group description for the next keyword!