You will be required to submit a portfolio as part of your application to study Interior & Spatial Design with us. This is an opportunity for you to tell us a bit more about you and show us what you can do. Here you can find information about what to include, where to build it, and how it fits into the application process.


Please create an online portfolio of your work using Issuu You will need to follow the guidelines below. You will be asked to email the link to and when you apply.

Content for your online portfolio

We are looking for evidence of three things in your portfolio: drawing, making and thinking. We are expecting around 10 but no more than 15 pages in total. We normally expect to see work created both during study and in your own time.

  • Drawing should show skill in hand drawing, particular from observation (e.g. real life, rather than from photos). This could be life drawing of figures, buildings or spaces, still life, portraits or other subjects.
  • Making could be literally any three-dimensional creative output, from jewellery to sculpture to brick-laying or other projects. We make a lot of models in the studio and we need to see evidence of thinking and working in space.
  • Thinking means critical reflection on the first two. Label each image with a sentence or two explaining what your process was and what you learned; we are trying to see how you would cope with learning new skills and what you might bring to the collaborative studio culture.

(Please note that for first year entry, we do not require evidence of CAD drawing or 3D Modelling. Advanced entry applicants into year 2 or 3 applying from HNC or HND should demonstrate these skills).

What Happens Next

The programme leader will look at your portfolio as soon as it is received and will use it to decide whether to offer a place on the programme. Offer holders will be contacted as soon as possible with an invitation to an offer holders’ day in spring 2024. This will be an opportunity to experience the studio culture with a short fun project and a chance to ask any questions about the programme – please note the offer day does not form part of our decision-making. If you have received an offer it is not compulsory to attend the offer day, though we would highly recommend it.