Find out more about what to include in your portfolio, and how to submit it. 

Selected applicants are asked to submit a digital portfolio, in USB format, containing minimum 10 pages and maximum of 20 pages (you can have many images on one page) which best represent evidence of the skills below. Please ensure your images are:

  1. In .jpeg or pdf e.g. JohnSmith1.jpg
  2. In focus if photographed
  3. Not pixelated (i.e. high enough resolution that pixels cannot be seen at A4 size)
  4. Not compressed using .rar, .zip or similar.


Freehand drawing is highly valued by the programme and by potential employers. This can include (but is not limited to) still life drawing, design development sketches, imagined or visualised ideas, and orthographic drawings. CAD drawings can be included but are not necessary for year 1 entry.

Two Dimensional Composition

Graphic designs, paintings, general artwork will show your ability in 2D composition

Three Dimensional Design

Photographs of 3D designs, craftwork etc. will provide evidence of interest and abilities in realising your ideas. Actual 3D work should not be submitted due to possible damage in transit. They may be supported by drawings submitted in a sketchbook.

Creative Thinking: Sketchbooks

It is important to show your thinking processes through the inclusion of examples of your development sketches and sketch books leading to your design proposals.

Mood board/ Scrap book pages

Dedicate some pages showing examples of existing designs/objects or the work of specific designers you like. You could take some screen gabs from a Pinterest page for example, or show photographs of things you have seen when you have been out and about.

Submission of your portfolio

You will be asked provide a link to a digital portfolio of your work online. Our recommendation is that you use a free online portfolio platform to curate your portfolio (you can use any platform you choose as long as we are able to easily view your work).  Alternatively, we could look at a link to your complete digital portfolio in a multipage PDF format uploaded to a cloud storage platform such as Dropbox or OneDrive. You can create a PDF using design software, or using PowerPoint or other widely available desktop applications. The file size of any PDF portfolios should not exceed 100MB.