Eleanor applied to study BN Adult Nursing through Clearing. She tells us how she realised everything is possible when Clearing helped her.

Why did you apply through Clearing?

"I changed my mind from Child Nursing to Adult Nursing because I think the course is a bit more general and gives you more options after you graduate.

I've always wanted to go into a career that would help, something that would be helping people, but I just wasn't sure what that was going to be until the last couple of years of school. Then I decided, I think Nursing is the one for me.

I didn’t get into Child Nursing through the general application process, but someone suggested going through Clearing, so I gave it a go."

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How did you find the Clearing experience? 

"Clearing was actually really simple, really straightforward and really easy. I came through the website and it was all through email until I got a selection date. And then I was asked to come on campus for an interview.

On the selection day I just came in and they went through a PowerPoint of a bit about the course, a bit about what we’d be doing. Then I did a little online assessment. It's like a multiple choice, just to see, what you'd interpret or what your thoughts are about nursing.

Then I heard back from them within a couple of weeks."

What drew you to Edinburgh Napier? 

"Napier is one of the closer uni’s to my home. I'm still close enough to just go back when I want to, so Napier is ideal. But I have also known people that have been on this course before and when I've been speaking to them, they say, 'Oh, definitely Napier'.

And there's the Skills and Simulation Centre where you get you do skills days. When you walk in there it literally just mirrors a hospital. They've got all the equipment, everything that you need, like you would have working within a hospital. It just prepares you for when you do go into an actual hospital environment."

Placement is one of the best ways to learn, because you're right in that environment that you're going to be working in


BN Adult Nursing

Has the course lived up to expectations? 

"It's going really well at the moment. I don't think I have anything bad to say about it. Obviously, I'm only in first year, so it's not really hard yet, but I think that the theory modules are good and then placement is such a good experience, it gets you prepared for like the rest of your life, and your career that you're going to go into."

What advice do you have for anyone applying through Clearing? 

"I was definitely really stressed because I didn't have a secure place anywhere. And I thought, ‘I'm not going to get into Uni, I’m going to have to take a gap year and try again next year’.

But how stressed I was, the stress wasn't necessary. Don't give up because it's definitely possible, everything's possible and clearing definitely helped me."