Hannah applied to study BA (Hons) Acting and English. She tells us how she came to Edinburgh Napier University through Clearing after she didn't find quite the right fit at other universities.

Why did you apply through Clearing? 

"So I was leaving school in the year 2020, so I never got to properly leave that year. I went for other unis and I got into Glasgow Uni and then changed course there. But I thought ‘this is not the right fit for me’.

So I looked around a lot and then I saw an ad on Snapchat for Napier and emailed them straight away. They had a pretty quick response time and I thought ‘I’m definitely going to consider them’."

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How did you find the Clearing experience? 

"I emailed with a subject of interest and then they came back to me and they sent me like the follow through steps and it was really easy. Then it was basically asking me what subjects I had done, and they asked me to go through UCAS again. After that I received an email a week or two later saying that I got in, so it was really easy."

What made you decide on Edinburgh Napier? 

"It's not like one specific thing. Other courses that I looked at, they were quite specific, they just did stage and one was just doing movement, but in my course at Napier you get bits of everything and I'm someone that likes to do everything.

The subject is really, really good for creatives and the arts. So if you're thinking about doing that, Napier is the way to go."

Napier is so great. There's so many lecturers that will help you with whatever you're going through.


BA (Hons) Acting and English

What advice do you have for anyone applying through Clearing? 

"For clearing I would say 100% just do it, because I didn't believe, I wasn't sure it was going to work for me. And then I did it and it's actually the best decision I've made."