Marcel applied to study BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering through Clearing. He tells us how Clearing was a smoother process than he expected.

Why did you apply through Clearing? 

"When I did Clearing I felt like I had run out of options. But I spoke to a friend who was going to Napier, he chose software engineering I think – I chose mechanical engineering. He talked about Napier a lot, then I realised, ‘Oh, Napier is a good option,’ since it made me remember a lot of good things about it."

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How did you find the Clearing experience? 

"I was pretty stressed, I got my results that I didn't pass to get into any unis (that I’d first chosen) and then I spent the entire morning still in my pyjamas, walking about on the phone, texting, emailing unis. When I got to Napier it was really relieving how fast the process was. It was very efficient."

What made you decide on Edinburgh Napier? 

"They were very professional about the Clearing process. Napier is a good technical uni, so the ranking is pretty high. It's the best option there was and it's actually a good option and looking back on it, I really wish I would have chosen Edinburgh Napier first."

I was worried that it would take ages or the person answering the Clearing phoneline would get frustrated with me, but it was all very well done.


BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering

What advice do you have for anyone applying through Clearing? 

"After you have phoned, just relax, because your mind might be fried from all the stress you might have had before. So just don't think about it too hard. Just play some games or relax for a bit and don't worry too much."