Why did you apply through Clearing?

I had already applied to a completely different course at another university but I realised that subject wasn't really for me.

In the winter before I was due to start, I decided to withdraw from my offer. Even so, I didn't want to delay starting my studies as I had already taken several gap years.

Having realised that, all along, my interest was in languages, I came across the degree at Edinburgh Napier and I applied straight away through Clearing.

I was able to get back into education and I wasn't stuck studying something I wouldn't have enjoyed.

My course has definitely lived up to expectations and I’m happy I decided to switch.

Pippa, BA (Hons) Languages and Intercultural Communication

Clearing Champion

How did you find the experience?

It was quite straightforward. I think going through Clearing can be a bit stressful for most people as the time frame is a lot more condensed than normal.

However, for me, applying to Edinburgh Napier just meant I had to go through UCAS, so it was fairly similar to a standard university application.

When did you decide to move to Edinburgh?

Having withdrawn my previous application, I was open to moving anywhere.

My boyfriend and I are from different countries and wanted to be able to live and study somewhere together. He found out that, as an EU citizen, he would be eligible for funding at a Scottish university. Myself being English, I would pay the same fees to study in England or Scotland, so our choice was largely based on the financial side of things.

Deciding on Edinburgh was easy - it’s a great city to live in, with everything you need whilst also being close to so many beautiful places.

What made Edinburgh Napier stand out?

Before moving up to Scotland, I had never even set foot in the country and so was unfamiliar with Edinburgh. The central location of the university was a big factor.

I also had to consider the options for student accommodation. Being a few years older, the fact that there is a specific site for students over 21 was appealing.

We plan to move abroad after we graduate and hope that the university's good reputation will increase our employment opportunities.

After changing your mind about what to study, has the course lived up to expectations?

It definitely has and I’m happy I decided to switch. Not only do I love learning languages but the modules based on international communication add extra weight and content to my degree. I'm developing the skills employers look for.

I feel that being out of education for five years has given me a big advantage. As I’ve had that break, I'm excited to be learning again and I've had the time to really think about what I want to do.

Having worked full time for several years, I appreciate the fact I am in control of my own time and have struck a good study/life balance.

What advice do you have for new students going through Clearing?

I would suggest just going for it. Diligently check your emails and make sure to be patient.

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