Why did you apply through Clearing? 

I always knew Nursing was the career path I wanted to follow. A friend who’s a registered nurse suggested I try Clearing at Edinburgh Napier. 

I had actually applied to the course once before but was unsuccessful. Even though I was disappointed at the time, I got feedback and tips from the University that helped motivate me to try again.

Just a few hours after my interview, I had received an unconditional offer of study. In total, the whole process of applying to receiving my offer was about two weeks.


BN Adult Nursing

How did you find the experience? 

It was a bit stressful to begin with. However, after getting in touch with Edinburgh Napier, all the advice made applying through Clearing a breeze.  

The application process is simple, and it doesn’t take long to hear back. For Nursing courses, you have to attend an interview, but it was extremely relaxed and I felt at ease with the interviewers. 

Just a few hours after my interview, I had received an unconditional offer of study. In total, the whole process of applying to receiving my offer was about two weeks. 

What drew you to Edinburgh Napier? 

The University is known for its Nursing courses. They train a lot of nurses each year and help them develop as professionals, ready to take on the role of a registered nurse. Edinburgh Napier is also the only university in Edinburgh to offer a three-year Nursing degree programme. 

Knowing that I could be finishing study and getting out into practice quicker stood out to me. I also found out that you can apply to do a Nursing placement abroad – something I am extremely interested in doing when we can travel again. 

Has the course lived up to expectations? 

Absolutely. Online learning is not something that I could have seen myself doing for as long as we have but support from lecturers has made it easier. The flexibility has been great – learning materials are released early so we can learn at our own pace ahead of lectures.  

Placements help to bring everything we have learned in the classroom into practice. From learning the anatomy and systems of the human body to learning how to give injections, the course has loads of interesting components that give you more confidence in practice. 

With 50% theory and 50% practical work, there’s definitely enough work to keep us occupied! 

What advice do you have for anyone applying through Clearing? 

Apply! Whether you didn’t get the grades you needed after finishing school/college, you’re looking to become a mature student, or you just decided to apply later, Edinburgh Napier has a massive range of courses to suit everyone. 

If you’re thinking of applying to Nursing, I would recommend it. There’s a big group of students who support one another, and the lecturers have a wide range of knowledge and personal experience behind them. The practical placements are diverse and full of real-life learning opportunities for every field of Nursing. 

Not to mention, I’m sure we will be able to get back to enjoying Edinburgh’s fantastic student night life again post-pandemic, which is a great bonus!
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