What next?

In most cases we will be able to let you know over the phone whether or not we would be able to make you an offer of admission.
  • If you meet our entry requirements and we still have places available, we will make you an offer of admission and give you a deadline by which we need you to accept this offer. If we are unable to offer you a place we will let you know as quickly as possible.
  • If you receive an offer of admission it is then up to you whether you choose to accept this or not.
  • If you wish to accept the offer you need to visit UCAS track.
  • Once you are in UCAS Track you need to click the 'Add Clearing Choice' button to refer yourself to Edinburgh Napier University for your chosen course. We will receive notification of this from UCAS and will then accept you, if you have responded to us by the deadline we gave you.
  • You will see that we have accepted your application in the 'choices' section of Track and UCAS will send you a letter to let you know your place is confirmed. This letter - known as a Confirmation letter - will explain whether there is anything you need to do now. This is also your official confirmation that you have gained a place with us. Congratulations! 
  • The Admissions team will ask you for your qualifications documents to confirm the details you provided when applying.

Courses which involve an interview, portfolio or audition

Some of our courses require applicants to attend an interview or audition, or to provide a portfolio of their work. Please check the vacancy listings to confirm whether this applies to the course you are interested in.

If this will apply to you, there is a slightly different application process: 

  • Once you have provided us with details of all the qualifications you hold, Clearing staff will check to ensure you meet the minimum academic entry criteria. 
  • If you meet the criteria your application will be passed onto the relevant academic department (School) for consideration 
  • The School will then contact you directly within three days to advise on the following: 
    • Courses requiring an interview: the date of interview, whether you will be interviewed in person of via telephone/Skype and a broad outline of what will be covered during the interview process.  All nursing interviews are face-to-face and applicants are required to attend these in person. 
    • Courses requiring a portfolio: the date of portfolio review and interview, details on how to submit your portfolio and a broad outline of what your portfolio should cover. 
    • Courses requiring an audition: the date of audition and interview, details of how the audition will take place and a broad outline of what is normally required at audition.
  • Because Clearing takes place over a short time period, we may ask you to submit electronic copies of your portfolio or auditions and we may conduct interviews via telephone or Skype at relatively short notice. If this could be a problem please let the Clearing staff know. 
  • Following your interview, audition or portfolio review, the School will make a final decision on your application and will advise the Clearing team if you have been successful. The Clearing team would then contact you and ask you to refer yourself through UCAS Clearing for a place (see process above).

If you have any questions about the Clearing process please contact our Clearing Team on 0333 900 3050.  

After you have been accepted