Learning Environment
Our School of Computing has some of the most impressive computing lab facilities of any UK university. You will to learn and develop your skills in real-world environments through our combined learning and teaching methods with a hands-on approach that equips you with the skills required for your chosen industry.

Access all areas

As a student within the School of Computing, you will have access to cutting-edge facilities, with the some of the latest innovative and advanced technology, allowing you to have the freedom to invent, create and transform practice into reality.

The School offers you access to specialist teaching labs including our CodeLab for high performance computing, two digital media labs with both Macs and PCs, an Internet of Things lab, a Cisco networking lab, and a lab for security and forensics.

Our new CodeLab was opened in 2018 with new high spec PCs, games development kits and NVIDIA enhanced machines. All our labs are regularly upgraded.

Students on digital media and creative computing routes can also get their hands on our latest Virtual Reality and Artificial Reality kit in the Visual Effects lab, and our sound design students can create post-production sounds effects with our Foley suite. If you study User Experience as part of your course you can get access to the Sensorium, a high spec UX lab including eye tracking and facial expression analysis software.

For around the clock access, you can use the Jack Kilby Computer Centre which has over 500 PCs and Macs, giving you 24/7 access during term-time.

The University also operates a Virtual Desktop Service which enables you to login to the Edinburgh Napier University network from almost any device both on and off campus. 

When you start your studies, you will be shown all labs and facilities so that you can make the most of our learning environment throughout your studies. You can always get support over email or by phoning our central IT Support Desk, or in person at one of our computer suites.

Student labs

Within the School of Computing, students have access to cutting-edge labs and equipment they can use throughout their studies. Have a look at some of our specialist facilities with this interactive tour.

Research labs

Our expert staff and students are at the forefront of information and technology. Tour our research labs and facilities to see more.