Our MSc Cyber Security course is suitable for people coming from a wide variety of career points. Whether you want to develop your knowledge about cyber security, progress in your current cyber security role or you want to switch your career, this course will help you to achieve your career goals.

Expand your knowledge

Read Jamie and Charley's story to find out how they transitioned from undergraduate to postgraduate study at Edinburgh Napier. Also, read Phil's story to discover how it's never too late to pursue a career in a new field.

Improve your job prospects

Meet Aisling

Masters graduates can expect improved salary expectations and are more likely to find their dream job. That's exactly what happened to Aisling, have a read of her story to find out more.

Change your career

Read Jonathan's story to learn how he made his career move from software engineer to penetration tester by completing MSc Advanced Security and Digital Forensics (now MSc Cyber Security) at Edinburgh Napier. Also, read Simon's incredible story of coming back to university after working in the industry for a long time.

Duncan Reid"I found doing a Master Degree at Edinburgh Napier a very worthwhile experience. As a mature student with life and work experience, it offered a chance to add academic rigor and framework to underpin what I was already doing in industry, and provided a much deeper appreciation and understanding of why we do things in industry. Industry is time sensitive and often employees are simply trained to follow procedure without much regard as to why. The degree course filled that gap and really gave me a more profound knowledge, and importantly, confidence, that I could bring back to my work place."

- Duncan Reid, Edinburgh Napier alumni

Build your professional network

Meet Jamie

Do you want to build your network and make great cyber security connections? The MSc Cyber Security course at Edinburgh Napier can bring you together with like-minded students who are specialising in cyber security. Jamie shares why meeting key connections during his course was his highlight.