What was your background in before studying this course? 

Before starting my Masters, I studied a BSc (Hons) Interactive Media Design at Edinburgh Napier and graduated (in lockdown) in July 2020 with a 2:1. Prior to me getting my degree results back I had applied for the Masters and received a conditional offer ‘so long as I received a 2:1’ – so once my results finally came in my place was sealed! 

What encouraged you to study your Masters? 

I’m a very determined individual and have always been. I wanted to learn more and develop my knowledge so applying for my Masters was the next step to expand on what I had already learnt, whilst learning new skills. 

Edinburgh Napier continuer, Chloe Black

Why did you choose to study here at Edinburgh Napier? 

Since I live in a small town, I wanted to study in Edinburgh to experience the city more and meet different people, in a small town it’s really easy to know everyone so I found this as an opportunity and took it. On my undergraduate degree, I was emailed about this course, and did some of my own research. I was really drawn to what I learned about where it could take me in the future. After doing the research and speaking to lecturers I decided to apply. 

What were your favourite parts of the course? 

The biggest highlight for me has been one lecturer in particular – Dr Emilia Sobolewska. She has made every class and module exciting and fun, which I think has made a great impact especially while classes have been online. Personally, she’s inspired me to keep going even when I feel like giving up. 

Any challenges? 

The biggest challenge for me was the pandemic. It was challenging working from home with many distractions going on around you and in the world. Not having the face-to-face interaction that we would normally has been tough. Luckily, I feel as though I have adapted well and quickly. It really showed me what I am capable of achieving – especially being dyslexic and relying heavily on the face-to-face teaching. I continued to complete all my work and excel in different aspects too. 

Would you recommend the course? If so, why? 

I would definitely recommend this course; all of my teachers have been fantastic despite the pandemic and have gone above and beyond to help their students. As well as this, the course opens further opportunities and shows future employers that you’ve made an effort to enhance your skills and keep up to date with trends.