Rumon studies MSc Advanced Materials Engineering at Edinburgh Napier. Read more about his student experience
Rumon Abdullah

I chose to study a master’s degree in Materials Engineering as this enables me to further my knowledge about the materials world

During my bachelor’s degree, I had an immense interest in materials engineering and carried out research on functional textile, coupled with my experience working with electronics and textile materials jointly. I chose to study a master’s degree in Materials Engineering as this enables me to further my knowledge about the materials world, how materials behave and their properties.

I searched for the best option for my Materials Engineering courses and found Edinburgh Napier fits my preference because of the programme structure, a wide range of modules and practical course work. The course is also accredited by the Institute of Materials Minerals and Mining (IOM3), which has made the course extraordinary. 

I received a lot of support from my lecturers 

Well, as I said my bachelor was in Textile Materials. So it was a little harder for me to adjust to other materials. I can remember my first class was on Ceramic and Composite Materials by Neil Shearer (My programme leader), It was fascinating the way he shared the new topic to us. Besides that, I also struggled with another subject Metallic Materials, but again, the lecturer really supported me and helped me with so many resources. 

I also received support from other students through ENSA. They went through a lot of effort during exam time by sharing cookies and coffee. It was an amazing experience for me. 

I believe that the challenges I faced have helped shape me in a good way. I think, these challenges have helped me to grow and develop.  

The support is countless if you want to use it. The university has a career service that helps students get into employment and besides that, the university offers multi-cultural programmes that help build a wonderful community for students.

“Did I choose the right course in the end?”

The answer would be a big YES! If you ask me why, then from my experience, the reasons are plenty. First, the course structure is very wide. It is designed with so many practical elements and projects, along with the IOM3 accreditation. Lastly, the exam questions are very innovative, it will make sure that you  study the topics in detail.  

 Whenever people ask me about Edinburgh, my reply is ‘it’s amazing!’Landscape of Edinburgh skyline and Arthur's seat

The city is full of history. Wherever you go, the hill side or the beaches, you will feel an extreme tranquillity of life and natural beauty. When I first arrived in  September, it felt so chilly. It wasn’t Winter yet, but the end of summer. In my country the average temperature is 30 degrees Celsius so obviously, it has taken me some time to get used to the Edinburgh weather!

Well, as I am talking about weather, the best advice I can give is that it can be mysterious at times. I still can’t believe on some days we can get rain, sunshine and fog all at the same time. So unpredictable. 

Another experience I would like to share is about the National Museum of Scotland based here in Edinburgh.I had to go three times to see the whole facilities and exhibitions. It is very big and has almost everything from nano-creatures to space materials, and it’s free to attend.  

Overall, it is not possible to conclude my experience in words, everything has been a matter of lifelong experience for me.

As my next step I am planning to do a PhD.