Kate Griffiths: Creative Writing case study

Katie Griffiths, 29, talks about why she enjoyed studying MA Creative Writing at Edinburgh Napier University

I wanted to learn about the industry and develop my networkMA Creative Writing graduate, Katie Griffiths
Before studying my masters at Edinburgh Napier, I worked in Human Resources administration. I wanted to develop my creative skills, learn more about the writing industry and develop a network of other writers. I have since become an associate lecturer in Creative Writing and have two projects in development.
Edinburgh Napier prioritises mentorship and practical skills
Edinburgh Napier University was one of the few courses the prioritise mentorship and practical skills. This really caught my interest. I found the course through online research after comparing it to similar ones other local and national universities.
Developing my book idea and studying graphic novels were highlights for me
My favourite parts of the course were the one-to-one mentoring with lecturers. Studying how to write and construct a graphic novel and having the opportunity to develop a book idea from scratch. I also made some fantastic friends on the course who I’m still in regular contact with, despite us living in different countries.
Taking critical feedback was a challenge for me
Learning to put my work out for critical feedback was tough at first, but it has been an invaluable skill to have in the long term – to be able to take feedback and criticism and learn from that.
Studying at Edinburgh Napier allowed me to experience new parts of the city, I would definitely recommend the course
I was already living in Edinburgh before I started studying at Edinburgh Napier, I love the city. Still, studying at Edinburgh Napier gave me the chance to experience different parts of the city I wouldn’t have seen otherwise, and experiencing them with a new group of friends from my course was an added bonus.

I would definitely recommend the course. It really helped me build my skills and my network, in addition to giving me a clearer idea of the career I wanted.
I would advise anyone to take every opportunity and challenge yourself
I would advise anyone taking this course to put in as much as they can and take every opportunity. Challenge yourself and use it as an opportunity to road-test what kind of writer you could be. Avoid going in with a set plan of how or what you should write.

I am now an associate lecturer in Creative Writing, have two projects in development and am scheduled to teach a workshop at the 2021 Cymera Festial for Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror.