Caitlin Delves

Caitlin DelvesWhat is your background and what drew you to the course?

I graduated from Art College two years ago and tried finding work in the film industry after I left. During my course I made several films and developed my editing and VFX skills.

I found out about the MA Film while doing some running work. Quite a lot of the people on Set had done the course and spoke really positively about it. I decided to apply for the course, becoming even more interested when I realised you could specialise in one area. It was good to know I could really build on editing and hopefully leave with a set of skills employers would look for.

How has the MA Film course been for you so far?

The course has been exciting, extremely challenging and has advanced my skills immensely. In terms of editing my knowledge of technology and the art of cutting has expanded and I can really see a difference in my work before starting the course and my work now.

I had never used Avid before and was worried I wouldn’t get to grips with it but now can’t imagine using anything else! I’ve learnt a lot from the editing tutors who all have a lot of experience in the industry and have encouraged us to be as professional as possible in order to understand how the ‘real world’ works.

Team work has been a vital part of the course and I’m lucky to have worked with the other students, not only in my specialism but the others as well. The course shows the importance of each department and what different people can bring to a project.

What are you hoping to get from the course, and what does the future hold?

I want to go into post-production. Becoming a freelance editor is the dream and I hope to get work as either a post-production runner or an assistant editor and build my way up. The course has been realistic and shown me there is a lot of work involved in order to get to the top level of any department in the film industry. It’s also shown me that I’m capable of tough work and achieving things I haven’t done before.