Nithya Arunachalam
"Edinburgh Napier University has an outstanding record for teaching, which is well acclaimed in other parts of the world and was highly recommended by my professors and colleagues."

Current MSc Healthcare Management student, Nithya Arunachalam, talks about her time studying at Edinburgh Napier University

What was your background in before studying this course?
I completed my undergraduate study in the field of medicine, as a Medical Doctor. After graduating, I volunteered in Multispecialty hospitals and had training as a Junior Doctor.
What encouraged you to study at postgraduate level?Nithya Arunachalam, Healthcare management student
Studying at postgraduate level helps me to progress my future ideas and explore new career paths. So, the master level requires special knowledge in my field and transferable skills. By also experiencing subjects such as project management and leadership this will lead me to progress and make me better placed to take advantage of career opportunities when they arise.
Why did you choose to study here at Edinburgh Napier?
As a Doctor, it was so difficult to make decisions but after many enquiries and discussions, I felt that Scotland was the best place to do my postgraduate. To my knowledge, Edinburgh Napier University has an outstanding record for teaching, which is well acclaimed in other parts of the world and was highly recommended by my professors and colleagues.
How did you hear about the course?
I heard through one of my professors and it encouraged me a lot to focus on the course. As I went through the course structure and modules of study, I found they really match my needs. I was also advised that it would be immensely beneficial to learn the system from the UK for which I will be very grateful and fortunate.
What are your favourite parts of the course and are there any highlights?
My favourite part of this course is engaging with the health system conference, regarding the UK and overseas. I remember during the beginning of the course, I had an opportunity to engage in a conference related to Health inequalities which was really interesting to take part in.
Any challenges so far?
Well, as we are all currently in the pandemic situation, the university has taken various measures to protect the student’s health and wellbeing which encourages each student to be safe. Also, the university has provided excellent teaching online.
Have you taken part in any of the extra-curricular activities or societies that Edinburgh Napier has to offer? 
I have taken part in friendship club. As a new student to Edinburgh it was so difficult to manage, but I got the chance to meet new friends from different countries, and we had a good chance to communicate with each other.
How did you find the transition between Undergraduate to Postgraduate courses?
my undergraduate and professional experiences have given me strong motivation and good foundation in the overall health system. Studying now at a postgraduate level will enhance my learning further and advance my knowledge and skillset in the healthcare management sector.
Can you sum up your student experience living in Edinburgh?
When I first entered the country, I got a place to live in the university accommodation in Bainfield. The living experience in the accommodation was excellent and the staff there were always helpful. The campus was a good place to communicate and to meet with other fellow students. Communication between professors and programme leaders is brilliant. University libraries have many different resources, computers and study rooms which is comfortable for a student to access.
Would you recommend the course?
I would definitely recommend this course, yes!
What advice would you give to anyone considering this course?
My advice would be that this course is suitable for anyone who is passionate about the health sector, who want to create and develop skills, and explore different career pathways in the healthcare field and administration.
What’s next?
In the future I would like to work in a hospital as a Doctor in a specific specialisation and also manage a hospital.
What support did you find available to you from ENU as an International Student?
I have received various forms of support throughout my semester but the support that impressed me the most as an international student was the warm welcome at the airport. This service was so useful as it meant I was able to manage on the very first day.
Next, regarding course and guidelines about the modules, the professors and programme leader were very helpful in clarifying doubts.