Harry Docherty

MA Music student, Harry Docherty, explains how university struck a chord with him

Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Harry Docherty, I’m 22, and I’m in the first year of my MA Music course at Edinburgh Napier University. I previously studies BA Popular Music at Edinburgh Napier.

What encouraged you to study at postgraduate level?Music student Harry Docherty

I was strongly encouraged to study at a postgraduate level mostly by my tutors, I went straight from the BA course into the Masters last year. I’ve really fallen in love with studying music, and I want to go further into the academic world to continue.

Why did you choose to study here at Edinburgh Napier?

I was mainly attracted to Napier firstly because of the undergraduate course I applied for, but also because it seemed like a really modern and progressive university with excellent facilities.

How did you hear about the course?

This is a brand new MA course, so I heard about it straight from my tutors who had been responsible for designing the programme and was strongly encouraged to continue my studies.

Do you have any favourite parts or highlights from studying at Edinburgh Napier?

The course’s student-led philosophy of critical thinking and metacognition is incredibly liberating and encourages us to inquire and reflect on every aspect of our practice.

I really enjoyed being involved in The Frank Prior Prize for Interdisciplinary Practice, which engaged us music students in collaboration with some of the students on the design courses at Napier. It was a really interesting and exciting experience, and I think interdisciplinary collaboration at Napier should be facilitated and encouraged even more!

How did you find the transition between Undergraduate to Postgraduate courses?

There’s definitely a noticeable ‘step up’ going from undergrad to postgrad, you can feel the focus start to shift from being a student in a class to being an independent researcher and practitioner. The transition from undergrad to postgrad may seem challenging and daunting at first, but it is completely natural and intentional as we are taking on more responsibility as individual, active learners.

Would you recommend the course? If so, why?

I would thoroughly recommend any of the music courses at Napier. Speaking of the present, the MA Music programme is incredibly liberating and thought-provoking. I have been given the opportunity to create some wonderful projects and develop my practice further than I thought I could.

What advice would you give to anyone considering this course?

Never hesitate to experiment and try out things that may be considered unorthodox or way outside of your comfort zone, this is definitely the place to do so!

What’s next?

I aim to apply for a PhD and continue my progress in the field of popular music while continuing my work as a composer and recording artist.