Advanced Practice (Neonatal, Children and Young Children)

This programme is for registered nursing, midwifery and/or allied health professionals (NMAHPs) working within the neonatal and/or children and young people’s health sector. Designed specifically for practitioners wishing to progress their career by developing core knowledge and skills related to the practitioners clinical area of speciality.

What you'll study

The programme is delivered using a blended approach i.e. face-to-face as well as online via our virtual learning environment (VLE) (Moodle).  A range of Learning, Teaching and Assessment (LTA) approaches are used. These include lectures, workshops, tutorials, clinical learning log and competencies, portfolios and Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs).  The programme is supported by academic and clinical experts. 

We recommend that you secure employer support prior to applying as you will require workplace opportunities to attain clinical competence through supervision by an experienced practitioner with the appropriate knowledge and skills related to your clinical area of speciality.

Overview of programme content:

Advanced Patient History Taking and Clinical Examination 

In this module, you will examine key principles of advanced patient history taking and clinical examination related to working with neonates and/or children and young people.  You will develop critical decision making skills, knowledge and understanding through examining common presentations related to your own speciality, reviewing the underlying physiology and pathophysiology.  You will supported to attain advanced skills in patient examination allowing you to synthesise findings, your knowledge and understanding to aid diagnosis, differential diagnosis and management.   

Professional Work-Based Learning 

This module allows you to build upon the first module through ongoing development of clinical competence surrounding patient history taking and examination.  You will have the opportunity to review specialist and/or contextual aspects of practice across neonatal, children and young people’s health care i.e. intensive and/or high dependency care, community practice, mental health.  You will have an opportunity to examine wider aspects of Advanced Practice i.e. Leadership, exploring this in relation to your own role development.  

Non-Medical Prescribing for Nurses, Midwives and Allied Health Professionals 

This module will allow you to examine the key principles of safe, effective and person-centred prescribing.  You will develop critical knowledge which will be contextualised to your area of practice.  Key principles of pharmacology will be covered.  You will examine common prescribing challenges related to your own practice as well as legal and ethical considerations.  Please note: this is a registerable qualification with the NMC and/or HCPC, UK.  To complete you must have the legislative right to prescribe pertaining to your clinical discipline.

Research and Dissertation 

The final features of this programme allow you to develop your knowledge and understanding of research approaches, contextualising this to your own practice as well as design and develop a key piece of original work i.e. primary research, service improvement and/or literature review.

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