Alex Mbuli

alex mbuli

Mr Alex Mbuli

Teaching Associate - Biomechanics


I graduated from Edinburgh Napier University in 2011 with BSc (Hons) degree in sport and exercise science and went on to complete an MSc in biomechanics at Roehampton University. After graduating from Roehampton University I worked as a lecturer within the Sports and Public Services department at Furness College, whilst studying for my PGCE in Education and Training at the University of Central Lancashire. In 2016 I joined the Allied Health Research unit at the University of Central Lancashire. My role was working with industry to perform biomechanical testing for new to market products for small and medium enterprises. This work focused on designing and implementing studies looking at the interactions between users and products developed for markets ranging from the clinical and medical devices market to seating manufacturers and their intended users. In 2019 I joined the Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences department at Edinburgh Napier University as a teaching associate to teach on the biomechanics modules.