Bashabi Fraser

Bashabi Fraser

Prof Bashabi Fraser





Advisory panels and expert committees or witness

  • Executive Committee Member, Poetry Association of Scotland
  • Member, Scottish PEN (Executive Committee: 2006-2011)
  • Committee Member, Writers in Prison
  • Consultant, Kolkata-Scotland Connection, British Council


Conference Activity

  • Paper to Conference on Patrick Geddes, 'Spirit in Action'
  • 'Flavours from other shores: multiculturalism in Scottish Poetry today'
  • International Tagore Conference organised and convened
  • meeting with Mrs Donaghue at Gillis Centre regarding venue for International Tagore Conference
  • Meeting with Acting Consul General of India in Scotland about International Tagore Conference
  • Conference convened on 'Rabindranath Tagore's Spirituality: Artistic, Educational and Political Expressions'
  • Chair, Postcolonial Literature Panel, British Association of South Association Studies Conference, University of Edinburgh
  • Chair, Seminar, Centre for South Asian Studies, Edinburgh University
  • Chair, Rabindranath Tagore International Conference, commemorative event to celebrate 150th birth anniversary of Tagore, organised by the Tagore Centre at the University of London,
  • Chair, Featured Writer, IAFOR Asian Conference for Arts and Humanities, Osaka, Japan,
  • Invited Panelist, Bharat Making Britain Conference, AHRC Conference, British Library, London



  • Facilitator, Creative Writing Workshop with artist, with artist, Joyce Gunn Cairns, Iona Community
  • 'Not just a tea party: Scots on tea plantations in the Himalayan foothills' at the Scottish Diaspora Conference, Edinburgh Napier University (plenary speaker).
  • ‘The Imprisoned Writer and the Nation, at the Reading and Writing in Prisons Conference, Edinburgh Napier University, Edinburgh (plenary speaker).


Editorial Activity

  • Editorial Board of:- (i)The International Journal of Culture and Literature, (ii) Caesurae: The Poetics of Cultural Translation, (iii) Ars Artium, An International Research Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Editor-in-Chief, Gitanjali and Beyond
  • Guest editor for Special Issue of Literature Compass, on Rabindranath Tagore Global Vision


External Examining/Validations

  • Intellectuality, Rationality, and Awareness in the Poetry of the Mind: An Exploration of Philip Larkin's Poetry'
  • Appreciating Melodrama and its Makers: Evidence, Arguments and Recommendations for a Rasa-based Review of Indian Cinema
  • ‘A Critical Review of Books by Patrick French, The World Is What It Is: The Authorised Biography of V.S. Naipaul and India: A Portrait’, University of Edinburgh, 2015.
  • ‘Tagore in Translation: A Postcolonial Perspective’, National Institute of Technology Durgapur, India, 2015.
  • ‘Angels and/or Whores: Women in Postwar English Marriages 1950-1970’, Visva-Bharati University, 2009.
  • ‘Re-reading British Travel Literature of the 1930s: the Travel Texts of Wystan Hugh Auden, Christopher Isherwood and Louis MacNeice’, University of Calcutta, 2013.
  • External Examiner for the Creative Writing Course, Edinburgh University International Summer School
  • ‘Voice of Resistance: A Study of Two Women Poets of the Eighteenth Century: Lady Mary Wortley Montagu and Hannah More’, Burdwan University, India, 2002.
  • ‘Dialectics of Identity: a study of British South Asian “Diasporic” Writers’, Visva-Bharati University, 2011.
  • ‘Congreve and the Drama of Women: A Study of the Representation of Women in the Plays of William Congreve’, Rabindra Bharati University of Calcutta, 2008.
  • ‘Identity and the Bengal Muslims: Mapping Changing Perspectives (1905-1971), Sunderland University, January, 2004.
  • ‘Marriage and Womanhood in Contemporary Indian English Novels by Women: A Feminist Approach’, Netaji Subhas Open University, 2015.
  • ‘The Neo-Vidantic Revival: A Study of Poems Written in English by Some Major Bengali Poets (1930-2007), University of Calcutta, 2014.
  • ‘Towards One World: A Journey Through the English Essays of Rabindranath Tagore’ Exeter University, 2013.


Fellowships and Awards

  • Awarded International Senior Research Fellowship by ICCR, Government of India January - June 2016, January-June 2017
  • Award of Royal Literary Fellowship
  • Selected by the Saltire Society as an Outstanding Woman of Scotland for 2014 - one of ten women so chosen.
  • Teacher Fellowship, University Grants Commission of India
  • ICCR International Senior Research Fellowship


Invited Speaker

  • Bashabi Fraser gives talk at National Library of Scotland
  • Book Launch for 3 publications at Nehru Centre, London
  • Public Lecture at the National Library of Scotland, February 2018 on 'Scotland and India'
  • 'Scottish - South Asian Identity within Poetry' Key-note lecture at Scottish Parliament
  • 'Refugee Stories from the India Partition' invited panellist at National Army Museum, London
  • 'Scottish Orientalists and the Bengal Renaissance' plenary paper at Bankura University conference
  • Book Launch and interview, Edinburgh International Book Festival, August 2017
  • Invited poet, Kolkata Book Fair, February 2016
  • Creative Writing Workshop and Book Launch at Linlithgow Literary Festival, Oct. 2015
  • ‘A Review of Transnationalism and the Construction of ‘Truth’ in Postcolonial Novels’, presenter and Chair, British Association of South Asian Studies Conference, Portsmouth University.
  • ‘Tagore’s Internationalism’, Keynote speaker, Tagore Centre Glasgow on Tagore’s Birth Anniversary celebrations, lecture on : ‘Rabindranath Tagore: an encounter with the myriad-minded man through his poetry’ at Tagore Centre, Glasgow Branch (keynote addres
  • ‘South Asian Poetry in Scotland’, presented at ASLS Conference on ‘Multilingualism’ at the University of Glasgow ( plenary speaker).
  • Speaker and Invited Poet, European Society for Studies in English (ESSE) Conference, Turin
  • ‘South Asian Poetry in Scotland’, presented ASLS Conference on ‘Multilingualism’ at the University of Glasgow (plenary speaker).
  • Special lecture at Conference on ‘Communication Research in India: Perspectives, Challenges and Prospects’ at Manipal University, March
  • ‘Tagore and the Dualism of Relationship’, plenary paper, Tagore Festival, University
  • ‘An Affirmation of Diversity in Transcultural Writing’ presented at the ‘Spaces of Dislocation’ Conference at the University of Glasgow (keynote address).
  • ‘Rabindranath Tagore: The Renaissance Man,’ keynote address at the Tagore Festival, Dartington Hall, Devonshire (keynote speaker).
  • ‘Reflections on Nation and Narration from the Perspective of a ‘New Scot’ in Scotland,’ at the International Conference on ‘Coming of Age and the Loss of Innocence’, University of Mainz (plenary speaker).
  • Plenary paper 'A Review of Fragmented Identities and the Creation of the 'Other' in Bengal Partition Stories'
  • Plenary Lecture on 'The Creating of the Contact Zone: the Sense of (Un-)Belonging in Bengal Partition Stories' to an International Seminar on 'Partition Literature: Memory and Inheritance of Self' at Netaji Subhas Open University in Kolkata
  • Plenary talk to conference on 'Tagore and Einstein: a planetary meeting'.
  • Plenary speaker, ‘Tracing the Journey of a Diasporic Poet’, Conference on ‘Negotiating Scottish Studies: History, Culture and Identity’, University of Bankura University
  • Plenary Speaker at International Conference on Tagore and Nationalism in the Indian Institute of Advanced Studies, Shimla
  • ‘Scots in India: Unpublished Personal Documents’ at AHRC Seminar at Strathclyde University, Scotland (plenary speaker).
  • ‘’The Relevance of Tagore: An Exploration’, Public Lecture at the Inauguration ceremony of the Tagore Centre, Manipal University, India (keynote address).
  • Invited Featured Poet, International Academic Forum, LibrAsia Conference, Osaka, Japan
  • Paper to International Conference on 'Tagore on Discrimination' at Metropolitan University, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Paper 'A Study of Marginal Characters in Rabindranath Tagore's short fiction'
  • ‘Our Debt to a Generation: A Review of Fragmented Identities and the Creation of the ‘Other,’ in Bengal Partition Stories’, at the International Conference on the Indian Partition, Visva-Bharati, India, 2014 (keynote address).
  • Keynote speaker on the subject of 'Tagore on the Creative Principle' at international conference in New Delhi, India
  • Keynote, The Diasporic Writer, Conference on Writers of the Indian Diaspora, University of Burdwan, February
  • Keynote Address on 'Our Debt to a Generation: A Review of Fragmented Identities and the Creation of the Other in Bengal Partition Stories' for an international conference on 'The Indian Freedom Movement and the Partition of the Sub-Continent' in the History Dept. of Visva-Bharati University.
  • Keynote speaker at International Workshop on Second Cities of Empire: Glasgow/Calcutta and the Legacy of the Scottish Enlightenment
  • Keynote speaker at Tagore Conference, Dartington Hall, Devon
  • Keynote speaker at Tagore conference in Gottingen, Germany.
  • Launch event for festival of talks, exhibitions and workshops 'Harpies, Fechters and Quines 2015 In their own Write - Women and Words'
  • ‘The Transnational South Asian Writer and the Diasporic Experience,’ at an International Workshop on Transnationalism, University of Stuttgart (plenary speaker).
  • The Spirit of India: an exploration of Tagore and Gandhi’s ideas on nationalism' delivered at the International Conference on Tagore and Nationalism at the Indian Institute of Advanced Studies at Shimla, 5-7 Nov.
  • ‘The Distant Commentator and the Engaged Town Planner: John Ruskin and Patrick Geddes on Indian Architecture’, at the Sauntering Sages Festival, A.K. Bell Library, Perth (keynote address).
  • ‘The Crossing and the Conflict Zone: the Sense of (Un-) Belonging in Bengal Partition Stories’, at the International Seminar on Partition Literature, Netaji Subhas Open University, India (plenary speaker).
  • ‘The Changing Dynamics of Diaspora and Transnationalism’ at SKB University, Purulia, India (keynote address).
  • ‘The Centre Cannot Hold: A Study of Transcultural Poetry’ at the American Centre, Kolkata, India (plenary speaker).
  • ‘What is Multiculturalism in Britain Today: A Study of Poetry’ at the Mauritian Writers’ Association Conference, Mauritius (keynote speaker).
  • ‘Why I Write: Poetry as the Voice of Reason’, talk and reading at St Xavier’s School, Kolkata
  • Women Commonwealth Writers’ Conference, Plenary speaker, University of Edinburgh
  • ‘Calcutta Through the Colonial Lens: Scottish Travel Journals in the 19th Century’, at International Workshop on Second Cities of Empire: Glasgow/Calcutta and the Legacy of the Scottish Enlightenment, Glasgow University, British Academy funded Research Ne
  • 'Does Poetry have a Future?' at the Department of English, Royal Holloway College, London (plenary speaker).
  • Inauguration of Tagore Centre, School of Communication, Manipal University, Karnataka, India and special lecture 'Relevance of Tagore Studies today'.
  • Indian Classical Dance' at the Royal Museum Lecture Theatre for the Edinburgh International Festival (special lecture).
  • International Conference on 'Scotland 2014: Coming of Age and Loss of Innocence' in Mainz, Germany
  • ‘The Scottish Jutewallah’, at the ESSE Conference, Turin.
  • The Hyphenated Position of a Diasporic Writer’, Kazi Nazrul University
  • ‘The Man of Faith: Tagore on Social Inclusion, at the International Conference on Tagore on Discrimination: Representing the Unrepresented’, at Prague Metropolitan University (plenary speaker).
  • ‘The journey of an academic and creative writer,’ public lecture at Gokhale College, Kolkata,


Media Activity

  • Taking part in an oral history project, 'A Passage to Scotland: South Asian Diaspora in Edinburgh' published by Nari Kallyan Shangho (NKS) Ltd.
  • Adjudication of entries for the Lifestyle/Memoir competition for the Edinburgh Writers Club
  • BBC: Invited guest for ‘Sunday with Cathy MacDonald’
  • BBC: Invited speaker on Culture Café with Cathy Inglis on Tagore, Burns and Iqbal
  • BBC Scotland Radio interview on Burns and Tagore
  • Appreciation of Mina Ray
  • As patron of the Federation of Writers, Scotland, Bashabi awards prizes at the annual meeting in Glasgow
  • Reading from Tagore at a Burns-Tagore event
  • represent Edinburgh Napier at reception lunch given by Mr. Suresh Goel, Director General, ICCR, and the Indian Consul-General
  • represented Edinburgh Napier Unibersity at reception for Edinburgh Mela
  • Poetry Reading for 'Flytte' an international writers project on Immigration and Migration
  • 'Poem of the week' in the Scotsman Newspaper
  • Interview in Ananda Bazar Patrika, Bengali Newspaper
  • Event for the Launch of ScoTs website
  • Event at the National Library of Scotland involving Bashabi Fraser in conversation with Rosenna East about Tagore's poetry and its appeal to composers in the West
  • Film Screening of 'Life Goes on' directed by Dr. Sangeeta Datta
  • Participating in a live discussion programme about Rabindranath Tagore's life and work and influence on BBC Radio 4 programme 'In Our Time' with Melvyn Bragg.
  • Organising a concert of Tagore songs sung by Sangolika Jamali
  • meeting with Steve Stenning, director of Edinburgh Mela, about Tagore theme
  • Meeting with Dr Abraham, the Principal of the Scottish Church College, Calcutta University, to discuss collaborations over Tagore.
  • Commissioned Poet, BBC National Digital Curriculum, Poetry website for Children
  • Commissioned poet on The Homecoming Project (commissioned), Scottish PEN, ‘Departures and Arrivals’ CD and podcast
  • Cultural Event celebrating the Arts of Rabindranath Tagore
  • In our Time BBC Radio conversation with Melvyn Bragg, ‘In Our Time’ on Rabindranath Tagore,
  • Half-hour Interview on TV programme 'Tagore in the World'


Non-executive Directorship

  • Director, Patrick Geddes Memorial Trust


Public Engagement Activity

  • Public talk: In conversation with Rosenna East, Adaptations of Tagore’s poems from The Gardener: Event: Garden of Devotion: at the National Library of Scotland


Public/Community Engagement

  • Dance Drama Adaptation of my epic poem 'From the Ganga to the Tay'


Research Degree External Examining

  • External Examiner at the University of Edinburgh for Doctor of Philosophy by Research Publications
  • External Examiner of PhD at Visva-Bharati (Tagore's University) India
  • External Examiner, PhD, Calcutta University, India
  • PhD external examiner, Exeter University



  • Scottish Affairs
  • The Bottle Imp (ASLS)
  • Commissioned Reviewer, Festival of Spirituality and Peace, Festivals of Edinburgh
  • Dundee University Review of the Arts
  • The Scottish Book Trust Writers’ Review
  • The South Asianist (University of Edinburgh)



  • ‘The New Scots: Migration and Diaspora in Scottish Poetry’ in the Writer in the Community Seminar Series at Edinburgh Napier University (special seminar speaker).


Visiting Positions

  • Visiting Professor of Poetry, North Bengal University, Dist. Darjeeling, India
  • Invited lecture and workshop, The Heritage College, Kolkata, Feb 2017
  • Invited lecture and workshop, Neotia University, Kolkata, India, February 2017


Current Post Grad projects

Previous Post Grad projects