Christiane Bielefeldt

Christiane Bielefeldt

Prof Christiane Bielefeldt



After more than fifteen years of research within consultancies and more than two years as project officer in the first DRIVE programme at  the European Commission in Brussels,  Christiane Bielefeldt  has over the last twenty years been co-ordinator for a series of EU-funded FP projects including COMPASS (2011-2013); ORIGAMI (2011-2013); INTERCONNECT (2009-2011); DIFFERENT (2006-2008) and SMART NETS (2001-2004); and evaluation manager in EURAMP (2004-2007) and  PROGRESS (2000-2004). Key research interests: co-modal and intermodal transport; sustainable transport ; ICT in transport; urban and motorway traffic control


Advisory panels and expert committees or witness

  • Invited Member of Special Interest Group2, National and Regional Transport Planning and Policy, World Congress on Transport Research Society
  • Past invited member of the Steering Group of the Transport Planning Special Interest Group of the Institute of Logistics and Transport
  • Past invited member of the US Transportation Research Board's Committee on Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Past invited member of the PTRC Education Steering Committee
  • Past Invited Chair for the Area 3.3 (Network and Traffic Management) in the European TAP Programme
  • Past invited member of Working Group 5 (Traffic Control) of the Technical Committee 278 (Road Transport and Traffic Telematics) of the European standardisation committee CEN


Conference Activity

  • Chair of INTERCONNECT E-Conference
  • Chair of final ORIGAMI Project Conference, Brussels 2013
  • Chair of final COMPASS Project Conference, Rome 2013


Editorial Activity

  • Guest editor for European Transport/Trasporti Europei, International Journal of Transport Economics, Engineering and Law
  • Peer reviewer for Transportation Research Part C


External Examining/Validations

  • External PhD examiner Strathclyde University


Invited Speaker

  • Smarter Travel, Invited keynote speech at Funkwerk User Conference, Munich, 2015
  • INTERCONNECT, ORIGAMI, COMPASS, Invited speech at INTRAREGIO Final conference, Fuerteventura, November 2014
  • Invited keynote speech at Ninth International Conference of Women Engineers and Scientists, Warwick, 1991
  • The Future of Travel, Invited speech at GIST conference, Glasgow, November 2015
  • Co-modality and seamless door-to-door travel: solutions, gaps and bottlenecks?
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