Dani Whitlock

dani whitlock

Dani Whitlock

Research Student


I am a research student in the School of Applied Sciences [2016-Present]. My project is funded by Scottish National Heritage (SNH), Marine Alliance for Science and Technology for Scotland (MASTS) and Edinburgh Napier University. Previously I studied an MSc in Land Reclamation and Restoration at Cranfield University [2013-2015] where I conducted projects funded by Celtic Energy Ltd and The Coal Authority. I also have a BSc (Hons) in Environmental Science from the University of Stirling [2008-2012]. My research interests are broad. I have a fascination with ecosystem dynamics, in particular how habitats adapt to stress.

My current project ‘Understanding the drivers of, and threats to, carbon sequestration in Scottish seagrass’ adapts a multidisciplinary approach to begin addressing the following questions:

I. Why are there such large differences in the impacts of seagrass on carbon density between sites in Scotland?
II. How long is carbon stored in seagrass sediments and what determines storage times? What does this tell us about persistence of seagrass patches?
III. Can we determine minimum, maximum and mean estimates of the total carbon storage in Scottish seagrass sediments?

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