Kal Uheida

kal uheida

Mr Kal Uheida

PhD Student


Kal first began his academic career at Edinburgh Napier University by undertaking a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering, graduating with Honours in 2015. Following on from this, Kal broadened his scope of the built environment by undertaking a Master of Science Degree in Renewable Energy, graduating in 2016. His Thesis focused on the feasibility of solar photo-voltaic (PV) farms from an energetic, economic and environmental perspective. During this period he also took part and contributed towards the Climate Change Conversations debate at the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation (ECCI).

Kal is currently now in the second year of a full-time PhD researching the use of glass from a structural perspective. The aim is to better understand the mechanical behaviour of the material, particularly the more complex mechanical interactions in multi-layered structures between the glass and adhesive bonding layers. Additionally Kal is a co-investigator for the Developing Engineering Short Term Exchange Program with Gaungxi University of Science and Technology.

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