Kerstin Stutterheim
kerstin stutterheim

Prof Kerstin Stutterheim



Head of Research at School of Arts and Creative Industries & Professor in Creative Practice.

Kerstin Stutterheim is an academic, author, dramaturg, and filmmaker. She joined SACI in September 2021. Before, she was Rector (principal) of the Academy of Media Arts Cologne – KHM (Germany), and Professor of Artistic Research as well there, and visiting professor at Bournemouth University. 2019 her monograph ‘Modern Film Dramaturgy – An Introduction’ was published with Peter Lang (ISBN 978-3631796504).
From 2015 to 2020, at Bournemouth University, she was Professor for Media and Cultural Studies and the director of the Centre of Film & TV research. At Film University Babelsberg ‘Konrad Wolf’ she was Professor for aesthetics and dramaturgy of audio-visual media and founding director of the Institute of Artistic Research, 2009-2015. As guest professor she taught 2012-2016 at HTW Berlin, Game Design Department.
As visiting and guest professor she was invited to teach in Canada, the US, Brazil, Bangladesh, Australia, France.
In 1999, she was awarded with a Doctor Philosophae (Dr. phil.) from Humboldt-University Berlin, Faculty of Philosophy III, for her work on Occult World Views represented through Documentaries produced during the »Third Reich«.
She is as well known a filmmaker and dramaturg, author, and artist.

Research Areas



Editorial Activity

  • Klassiker des Osteuropäischen Films


Invited Speaker

  • Sound Dramaturgy in Poetic Documentaries
  • Natural Light (Természetes fény) (H 2021, Nagy Denes) in dialogue with Come and See (USSR 1985, Klimov)
  • Dramaturgy In Documentaries To Be Distributed Globally


Research Degree External Examining

  • reviewer for the Probationary Review Panel Meeting



  • peer reviewing for the International Journal Film and Media Arts


Non-Napier PhD or MSc by Research supervisions

  • PhD supervisor for a practice-based PhD on digital puppetry
  • supervisor for a practice-based PhD on poetic documentary, City Symphony, Kyiv
  • Supervisor for a PhD about implicate dramaturgy in Lynch's Mullholland Drive at Film University Babelsberg 'Konrad Wolf'