Lara Alshawawreh

Lara Alshawawreh

Miss Lara Alshawawreh

Enhanced Associate & Research Assistant


Lara studied for a bachelor degree in Architectural Engineering at the University of Jordan, Jordan (2006 to 2011). She then worked in various roles including architectural practice, two NGO’s and in a university as a teacher assistant. As a result of this work her focus has moved towards humanitarian issues within the built environment. She then was awarded a Jordanian scholarship to study MSc in Architectural Technology and Building Performance at Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland, UK. She graduated in 2015 with Distinction and has since been awarded again a Jordanian PhD scholarship to study at Edinburgh Napier University.

The focus of her research relates to Architecture of Emergencies in the Middle East. Her primary aim is to introduce a ‘Transitional shelter design criteria’ for the Middle East and apply it into a proposed design outline that can be part of a future ‘shelter process’ in order to help fulfil the societal, cultural and building technology needs of refugees and displaced populations. This work will provide the keystone towards innovative designs and construction technologies to support the rehabilitation process for such scenarios.


Conference Activity

  • Principal's Research Excellence Award
  • Best Paper Award in the 19th International Conference on Humanitarian Aid and Service


Current Post Grad projects