Lisa O'Leary

lisa oleary

Dr Lisa O'Leary



Dr Lisa O’Leary started working as a lecturer in the School of Health and Social Care in August 2017. Prior to this, Lisa worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the Scottish Learning Disabilities Observatory at the University of Glasgow.

Lisa holds a MA in Sociology (Applied Social Research) from the University of Limerick and PhD from the University of Ulster. Her PhD focussed on evaluating the efficacy of a health promotion intervention targeting healthy life style outcomes for people with learning disabilities in supportive living settings.

Her main research interests and expertise include addressing premature mortality of people with intellectual disabilities, and designing /evaluating health promotion interventions for this population group. Lisa has developed a strong insight into how health inequalities and health behaviours of people with intellectual disabilities need to be framed within an ecological model. Lisa has also a strong interest in improving the health of people with learning disabilities and their families. She developed this interest whilst working as social care worker and also whilst working on various research projects focussed on the health promotion needs of people with learning disabilities.



Invited Speaker

  • Supportive environments for health: getting the whole system involved' Invited speaker at the IASSIDD, Health SIRG (Special Interest Research Group) congress, Belfast



  • Reviewer for the Journal of Policy and Practice in Intellectual Disabilities
  • Reviewer for the Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities


Conference Activity

  • O'Leary, L, Hughes-McCormak, L;Dunn, K; Cooper, S.A. (2017). Life expectancy and causes of death of people with Intellectual disabilities and people with Down Syndrome: Findings from two systematic reviews', Nordic Network on Disability Research, 14th Research Conference on Disability Research, Orebro, Sweden
  • O'Leary, L,,Taggart, L. & Cousins, W. (2016). An exploration of the organisational enablers and barriers of promoting healthy lifestyle behaviours for people with intellectual disabilities, IASSID 15th World congress: Global Partnerships: enhancing research, policy and practice, Melbourne, Australia
  • O'Leary, L., Henderson, A; Jacobs, M., Cooper, S.A (2016).Children with learning disabilities and children with autism in Scottish schools, IASSID 15th World congress, Melbourne, Australia


Advisory panels and expert committees or witness

  • Member of the IASSIDD (International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities) Publication committee
  • Member of the international mortality research interest group for people with intellectual disabilities